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18th May 2018
This takes out the hassle of going from one shop to another, just to find perfect item. It gives customers like me the opportunity to choose and shop for most reliable and high quality product we need.
17th May 2018
I always get my purchase early. Burstcolor is my favorite when it comes to online shopping. It is very convenient and I love the uniqueness of the items. Can't help myself to order more.
17th May 2018
My order always came on time, actually faster than what I would expect. Great deals and customer service. Never had any issue. I'm very satisfied customer. Thank you Burstcolor.
17th May 2018
Burstcolor seems to be a one stop shop. Almost anything I can think of they have directly. Also, their pricing is competitive and their shipping options are very fair. They have a comprehensive inventory of just about anything I have searched for at very favorable rates. I love Burstcolor.
16th May 2018
Busrtcolor is the best shopping site ever. They have a wide selection of products and their clearance sales and the prices are reasonable. I love the variety of payment options, their speedy delivery options and the fact that I never had to return an item and how they send you an email when things are arriving.
16th May 2018
I like that BUrstcolor has wide range of products with good prices, good customer service, good return policy, fast shipping. When buying gifts for family out of town, it is great as they ship it directly. I only hate paying shipping charges - would like to have free shipping.
15th May 2018
Cool site with super cool products. I bought some bath toys for my baby and she loved it. Shipping the product was no hassle as I was able to receive it within 2 weeks. Thanks Burstcolor!
15th May 2018
The site is pretty simple and there are limited products to choose from. I was able to order about 2 products and I didn't have any problems from ordering to shipping my purchased items.
14th May 2018
Overall product are good. When I had a problem customer service was there for me resolved and resolved issues quickly, no questions asked. They stand behind their products and refunded return shipping costs. Extremely happy with this site.
14th May 2018
Regular customer here. Never disappointed. Frequent site discounts, reliable shipping, and most importantly is they have a good products. Highly recommend.
11th May 2018
The material is so useful and work perfectly. It was everything I expected from the product description and photos. Customer service was prompt and effective. Very quick response to emails. Thank you.
11th May 2018
I bought Space Saving Sliding Drawers. The products are amazing and very useful. Fits most shelves using adjustable rails and hooks it keeps your food fresh and easy to clean. Nice to know that this is a good online shopping site with high quality products. Everything that I need is here. The customer service was great and the shipping is fast. Hands down to your service. Thank you Burst Color!
10th May 2018
BurstColor employees are lots of help, polite, very informative. My products arrive quickly and just what I ordered. Thank you.Keep it up.
10th May 2018
This is the only shopping site I've always used! Although there are some areas need improvement. Like the shipping. Just continue your good product service. More power.
7th May 2018
Works great and allows you to easily and quickly purchase. It helps find things in affordable prices. Safe and secured. So far I'm glad I haven't encountered any problems with my orders. Everything works perfectly for me.
17th Apr 2018
I'm absolutely enjoying my shopping with BurstColor. Very useful because I don't need to go somewhere to buy anything. You may find good quality products with a lower cost. Although shipping may take a while, but as long as the items are in good condition upon delivery, I'm good! Overall service was cool.

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