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11th Sep 2017
In desperate need of a short term loan i found myself on this site. They have a loan finder server and after about 5 minutes I got a text asking me to call another Broker. - Blue Letter. After a security check they then told me to call another number 09115030109 to complete the application. At no point did they mention THIS WAS A PREMIUM RATE PHONE COSTING £3 PER MINUTE. Further when i tried to send Cash Bean a mail to complain it BOUNCED BACK saying the email is out of date. OK so they gave an alternative (no response yet) but the fact their website shows an obsolete email address is concerning. Whether Cash Bean and Blue Letter are one and the same company i dont know.
3rd May 2017
I'm currently looking for a reliable and safe company to get a loan from but this company seems some kind of shady to me.... i don't understand their process of operating... Tried to find the information on their website but I'm still trying to figure out lots of things. I wrote an email to their support team but so far I haven't received any response.
6th Apr 2017
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Cash Bean

Cash Bean is not a lender but is a licensed credit broker which introduces borrowers to lenders for the purposes of entering into short-term & long-term, unsecured, secured & guarantor loan agreements.

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