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18th May 2018
Simple enough to navigate. So convenient for us to shop at this site. Good interface. All of my orders are in good quality. Good experience though. Thank you.
17th May 2018
With Little Playland, it's splendidly easy to find what I'm looking for. It gives me many options of how to buy and suggests complementary purchases. I love their product selection and availability. Little Playland is my favorite, go-to website! They're the first place I go when researching an item. They offer reviews where I can get real people's opinions of the items and compare products easily. There isn't another site that gives such readily available information on their items and open reviews. Amazon is superior for purchasing almost anything.
17th May 2018
I ordered and bought some Led lights from this site and they're all in good quality. Unique and lovely. Shipping took 3 weeks but it's okay. I'll order more products here.
17th May 2018
They have such a variety and you can shop all over the world. I especially like how similar items show up at the bottom with different prices. It allows you to bargain shop simply. I dislike how some of the items can take weeks to ship while others only take a few days and you can't find out which way it's going to be until you purchase the item. But my overall experience with Little Playland has been extraordinary. They offer an amazing product selection, an easy to navigate website, options for paying and amazing customer service. In all of my experiences, Little Playland has went above and beyond to ensure my happiness as a customer. I believe they are overall an amazing company.
16th May 2018
My overall experience is a A ++. I like the variety of items... not to mention that the prices are immensely great and I like free shipping a lot. My items always arrived on time and in perfect condition. I have always gotten excellent customer service when needed.
16th May 2018
I ordered bath toys for my toddler. Quality is good and strong. Instructions on how to assemble is easy to understand. However, it took a while before it arrived. About 4 weeks. I think the site is good, just needs to improve their shipping process so customer won't have to wait long for their orders.
16th May 2018
It's convenient and easy to browse find exactly what you're looking for in Little Playland. They have a great variety of what I was looking for and even had certain items that are very difficult to locate in stores. They have great competitive pricing. Their customer service department was right on top of everything. Purchasing was a great and pleasant experience. The order was taken accurately and shipped in an efficient manner. They had many ways to expedite shipment. That item arrived at destination with no complications. Everything went according to how it's drawn up no major issues and it was pretty simple and straightforward. Pretty much recommend their services to everybody.
16th May 2018
My overall experience with using Little Playland has always been a positive one. The product selection has always been great, with an enormous amount of products in each category. The purchasing process has always gone smoothly with a variety of ways to pay and a very intuitive website that flows very easily. As of yet, I have not had to use customer service.
15th May 2018
Ordered about 2 toddler toys for my kid and my niece. The purchasing of the orders went well online and I received my orders within 2 weeks only. The package is strong enough from the damages during the shipping. The toys are in good shape when I open it.
14th May 2018
Nice shopping online. Their prices are equal or better than other places.The products have been awesome.Quick shipping and wide variety of quality products. Keep it up.
11th May 2018
So easy to buy items at Littleplayland. The LED lights I ordered are beautiful and in good quality. Customer support team is accommodating and replies immediately. Overall, it's above expectation. Keep it up!
10th May 2018
Great and easy way to shop. Very accurate and fast. Everything I want to buy and need is in here. Really convenient for me.Thank you Littleplayland.
8th May 2018
Ordered a toy from Littleplayland. Packaging was good, it kept the item's quality intact but took me 3 weeks before my order arrived. Overall rating for site is good, just needs to improve on the shipment.
7th May 2018
I have been using Littleplayland for a month now and they have consistently met and/or exceeded my expectations in every order. Great selection, great sales, great customer service and great value. Thank you!
4th May 2018
I ordered a unique cosmetic item from Littleplayland and they got cool packaging. Still shipping took 3 weeks to arrive but I got used to it. Will definitely order more stuff here!
3rd May 2018
I ordered an Easy On Easy Off Sock Aid Kit for my Grandfather. Ordering and delivery process went well. When I got the package, the instruction was easy to follow. Product is easy to use. I didn't have a hard time ordering in this site. Thank you Littleplayland.
3rd May 2018
I ordered an Easy On Easy Off Sock Aid Kit for my Grandfather. Ordering and delivery process went well. When I got the package, the instruction was easy to follow. Product is easy to use. I didn't have a hard time ordering in this site. Thank you Littleplayland.
2nd May 2018
Always makes life easier with this site. It makes hard-to-find products easier to search. Products are all in good quality. Plus they ship products securely and fast. This site has almost everything I need. I can shop without getting up from my bed. Good job Littleplayland!
1st May 2018
This is a great online shopping site. I find this very useful when it comes to finding unique stuff or anything that you like. Then again, there's still room for improvement with shipping process, a much faster update of the items should be improved. This is my 3rd time buying from the site. But it was good all in all.
30th Apr 2018
I received my order on time. Nice quality products as what you see in the picture. I'm satisfied with what I bought. Customer support team are always alert to assist your request even on your wee hours. I will definitely order from them again. Great service.
30th Apr 2018
Good Service! I've order items many times and I received it with secure packaging. My orders arrived as estimated time. It was a good experience. Thank you for the assistance. Great job!
26th Apr 2018
I enjoy using this online shopping site. They sell affordable items and good quality. Makes it more easier and secured. I ordered some toys for my toddlers and they loved it! Toys are unique and safe for the kids. Two thumbs up!
25th Apr 2018
I recently bought an item and I really had a fast and smooth transaction. I like the fact that it's convenient. So I highly recommend this with my friends surely they would love it too. Thanks.
25th Apr 2018
I'm absolutely enjoying my shopping with Littleplayland. Very useful because I don't need to go somewhere to buy anything. You may find good quality products with low costs. Although shipping takes a while, but as long as the items are in good condition upon delivery, I'm good! Overall service was good.
24th Apr 2018
Looking at the website, you will think that this online shopping is no good as it just has a simple site. But as I tried to purchase an item from them because they have the product I've always wanted to buy, I never had any issue from buying up until delivering my order. They have good customer service and secured shipping service. I got my order fast by the way. Thank you!
24th Apr 2018
I absolutely love Littleplayland. Not only in the Fashion and Beauty products are amazing, the customer service is brilliant too. Emailed me throughout the confirmation and shipping period to let me know what was happening and when delivery would be. Fast shipping, arrived in 2 weeks in good time and I was very pleased with the products. Thank you and Keep it up.
23rd Apr 2018
I've read bad reviews from this site. I was hesitant to buy but I saw an item that I really like and thought why not try to buy it from there. Good thing the process from ordering to shipping went well. So for me, I didn't find the site so bad after all.
20th Apr 2018
Mimicry Hamster Toy has brought tons of fun to our family. It just repeats whatever you said in a funny voice. My boys love to laugh at it and hear the weird laugh back. And it nods its head when talking, which is ridiculous. Our family had a lot great time playing around this little Hamster toy that I ordered. Great and perfect for the kids. Good quality at fair price.
20th Apr 2018
I didn't doubt the quality of the product from Littleplayland. All products that I received are brand new, high quality and prefect condition. The product displays are honest, with good prices. Though shipping took me an average of 3 weeks, still the products I got were good.
19th Apr 2018
Ordered a toy from Littleplayland. Packaging was good, it kept the item's quality intact but took me 3 weeks before my order arrived. Overall rating for the site is good, just needs to improve on the shipment.
18th Apr 2018
Great style and a great quality product, delivered promptly. Had a few questions to ask first and the response was unbelievably quick. They also took the time to take an interest in what I was after.A great new site and great service, highly recommend
18th Apr 2018
Order quickly processed and shipped. Clicked to add to cart. My payment information is stored so mainly it was easy to pay. Little Playland has an amazing selection of products. Our address and payment information is stored so it's super easy to order. And, prices are very competitive.
17th Apr 2018
Great to buy from Littleplayland, have a wonderful range of products. This is my second dealing with them. Good service and good value for money. Will be ordering again very soon. Thanks.
31st Dec 2017
This company is a scam. They never send out what you pay for. I have received 3 fake tracking numbers from them over the last 4 months so far (still haven’t received my items). I’ve spoken to only two people (from about 30) who actually received items and they said they were poorly made fakes. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE
26th Dec 2017
Good price, quick delivery, good product.. excellent all round..
26th Dec 2017
Great selection of items. Good communication when needed. Will shop here again. Very fast service, delivered when stated, a pleasure to order from.
26th Dec 2017
Their web site is very clear and aasy to follow. Prompt response and Helpful customer service if needed. Very affordable.

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