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The most simple way to start acquiring reviews

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How does Trustmeter operate?

Trustmeter lets you collect and distribute customer feedback. You can start free with us, no credit card registration required. You can also make use of our other plans – Lite, Business, or Elite – for more options and account control.

How long does the Free account last?

You always have access to your account. The only limitation that the Free account sets is the 100 invites per month which you cannot increase.

Is there any additional information on how to use your website if I sign up with a Free account?

With any account, you have access to our Support Centre at all times and we can and will answer all questions you have regarding the capability and use of your account. You can also make use of our live chat option for a direct conversation.

What are the costs for setting up my business with Trustmeter?

There are no costs for setup, as long as you sign up at least for the Free account, you will be able to set up for free.

Do I have to pay something on signup?

Absolutely not. Registrations are completely free and you can sign up for our Free account at anytime. You will have some restrictions, such as the number of invitations you can send per month, but you can upgrade the account at any time.

Is it easy to integrate Trustmeter?

Not difficult at all – it is basically an exercise of copy and paste. Contact our customer service if you are having difficulties and everything will be up and ready for use as soon as possible.

How long does integrating Trustmeter take?

Five minutes would be too long to set everything up. All it takes is pasting an email into a BCC field and the online feedback system will be operational.

How secure will my data be?

100% secure. We protect our clients’ accounts at all times. We use subtle software which is regularly updated and the security receives constant revisions and improvements. We use an elite firewall and our SSL encryption will keep all the data you store with us 100% safe.

Will my reviews disappear if I quit your service?

No. Once posted, your reviews belong to your Trustmeter profile. They will remain as long as the profile remains.

If I choose a paid plan, how will I pay for the service?

We accept all major international credit and debit cards, such as MasterCard, Visa (Electron), Maestro, JCB, etc. PayPal is always an option as well.

What is the paid plan�s period?

Our contract�s length is 12 months with a prepaid service. The results are guaranteed.

I have questions, how do I contact you?

Get in touch with our customer service on 020 8610 9177 for any questions or comments. We will always respond to your inquiries.