Terms and Conditions for the use of the official TrustMeter website

The following Terms & Conditions apply to the use of the official TrustMeter website which is http://www.trustmeter.co/

By accessing this website and using it, you accept and agree to all of the Terms & Conditions mentioned below. In case you do not agree to any of the Terms & Conditions, please do not use the website any further. Creating an account with us will mean that you have read and agreed to all of the TrustMeter Terms & Conditions. They explain the rights and responsibilities of all parties to the agreement.


The “Website” refers to TrustMeter’s official website.

TrustMeter” refers to the brand as well as any services provided online via the Website http://www.trustmeter.co/, which is operated from Building 3, located in Chiswick Park,
566 Chiswick High Road, Chiswick, London, W4 5YA . In these Terms & Conditions  the words “us”,  we” and “ours” refer to TrustMeter. The words “you” and “your” refer to you, if you are a registered user of the Website. The word “Content” refers to all forms of data that you submit to the Website (including text, images, audio, video, etc.).

The Services on TrustMeter: 

1. Registering as a User

    1. 1 You have to register as a user and create a profile in order to gain a full access to the Website. You need to create a password and provide an email address to register to the Website. It is your personal responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of the password of your account. You are obliged to notify us if you suspect any unauthorized use or suspicious activity in your account. We reserve the right to take security measures at our sole discretion which may (but not obligatory) include changing your password.

      1.2 A user is entitled of having and operating only one profile. The created account is personal and any details should not be shared or transferred to others.

        1.3 In order to create an account, you need to choose a USERNAME. Your username will be shown on the Website every time you upload any content, post a review, etc. The username must not be insulting or offensive in any way. It also must not contain words as “Admin”, “Guest”, “.com”, etc. Your username must be unique and personal, thus it must not contain any characteristics that belong to a third party.

          1.4 We reserve the right to delete, suspend or change your profile and the content that you’ve generated on the Website, without any notice or explanation, in case of any violation of the Terms & Conditions.

            1. 5 By creating an account on our Website, you also agree to receive communications from TrustMeter (such as marketing communications) as well as messages from other users.

            2. Content

              2.1 As a registered user, you alone are responsible for the content that you publish on the Website. You warrant that the content is true and correct. If you state an opinion, you guarantee that it is genuinely held and authentic.

                2.2 The content that you publish must relate to an actual company or organization which services or products you have used. Your content must not contain any material that is untrue, intentionally misleading or violating a third party’s rights (including intellectual property rights).

                  2.3 As a registered user you must not publish content that is any of the following:

                  - Unlawful or deceptive;

                  - Abusive or threatening;

                  - Defamatory or profane;

                  - Pornographic;

                  - Promoting a business;

                  - Including any sexist, racial or political character;

                  - Including any kinds of harmful data such as corrupted data, computer viruses, etc.

                    2.4 We have the right to edit or even delete your content if it is containing any of the features mentioned in 2.2. and 2.3.

                      2.5 We have the right to use your content published on the Website. This may include publicly displaying it, promoting it, modifying it, distributing it, preparing derivative works from it, etc.

                        2.6 At any time, we can request an additional data from the Registered User. This may include some documentation proving your genuine buying experience.

                          2.7 We reserve the right to edit, screen or even remove user content for any reason and without explanation.

                            2.8 User content does not reflect the opinion of TrustMeter or the TrustMeter team. The Website cannot be held responsible for any content posted on it, excluding any content that is abusive, containing swear words, etc. The latter are being carefully filtered, edited or deleted.

                            3. General rights and liabilities

                              3.1 All of the content on the Website is protected by law and thus any type of unauthorized copying or distribution can be considered a violation of legislations that might result in penalties.

                                3.2 We have the right to free use all of the user-generated content on our Website.

                                  3.3 We may at any time and without notifying the users to edit or delete any content that is violating our Terms & Conditions. However, we are not liable for the content that the registered users are publishing and thus we are not required to examine or monitor this content.

                                    3.4 Registered Users are responsible for their use of the Website and the content that they are uploading. 

                                      3.5 We are not liable for any loss or damages for the use of the Website such as corruption of data, loss of profits, security breach and any other loss that can be direct, indirect or consequential.

                                        3.6 The current Terms & Conditions may be revised or changed at any time without any notice. The changes will be stated on the Website. If a registered user continues to use the Website, this means they accept the modified Terms & Conditions.

                                        4. Termination 

                                        We have the right for any reason and without notice and liability to terminate your access to the Website and cease your rights to use our services. You will not be able to access your account, our Website, your content and any other information that is related to your account.

                                        5. GDPR & Your Data Protection

                                        5.1 All of your data collected during the process of your quotation
                                        or/and during the chosen service will be stored safely and securely and
                                        will not be shared with anyone.

                                        5.2. We will not use your email address to send you any advertising
                                        emails or promotions unless you have subscribed to our form.

                                        5.3 You can at anytime request to unsubscribe and therefore will not
                                        receive any emails from us once you have unsubscribed.

                                        5.4 You will continue receiving important emails such as quotations,
                                        amended quotation, confirmation and amended confirmation as well.

                                        5.5 Your data will be stored for 36 months and will be automatically
                                        deleted once the period of time has passed unless you have chosen to use
                                        our services once again during that time.

                                        5.6 You can at any time request to obtain the data that we have stored
                                        for yourself and we shall present it to you in 15 business days.

                                        5.7 You can contact us at any time to request additional information or
                                        to file a complaint regarding your data.