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19th May 2017
I’m one of those who don’t mind human error. None of us are perfect, I get that. What I don’t get is how you can hire a service, put in your card number and the whole thing goes south, service, card number and all. I emailed the service to find out why my card had not gone through at all after the screen said it had. I had not received what the service offered, either. Their records showed that I had paid for it and received the service. Upset now, I asked for a supervisor, only to find that this was a Mum and Pop place with no supervisor. The software, Mum said, took care of all of it. Well, it didn’t, I replied and hung up. Luckily, another service online took care of me, so I ask you not to use these people, nice though Mum and Pop are.

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Appliance Deals

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