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29th Apr 2017
I can't stress enough to stay away from this man /Dr if looking for real help! I saw him more than once and I have never experienced that level of unprofessional behavior. Besides his very inappropriate sexual advances, constant comments on my looks and eventually asking for a date. Staring at my body and breasts. Inappropriate touching, meanwhile he also knew that I was a rape victim! He was willing his constantly dripping nose, citing "allergies". Meanwhile his pupils were huge and smelled like alcohol. This was a mid day appointment, so I can only presume was doing it on the premises while "treating" other patients. If you are a woman or want any sort of real help or hope to protect someone else from the same experiences that I have had. Please keep posting about this bad man, calling himself Dr. I later found that I was not the first to have experienced this. He's a predator. At the very least, young women beware! Stay away. In my research of him and his credentials, I also found that I'm not the only one who has seen this behavior and problems. He's been reported more than once for in office drug use and intoxication! Please get real help, do not go near this very bad man that very much needs help his self. He, while staring at my breasts also kept suggesting hallucinogenic drugs for help, which I can't imagine him ever even understanding what I was there for help with
Dr Jim Brann. Predator, alcoholic, drug addict posing as a psychotherapist

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Dr Jim Brann Ambia

Ambia Jim Brann RN MSN CS is a Psychologist office located in Abington, PA. A psychologist focuses on the evaluation, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental, emotional and behavioral health issues

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(215) 830-8460

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1578 Old York Road Abington, PA 19001 , Abington, PA 19001


United Kingdom


Dr Jim Brann Ambia is ranked 16 out of 20 in the category

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