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8th May 2017
When I hired this contractor the job was quoted at $9000 and when he wrote contract it went to $13500. I needed the job done so we said ok and signed. He promised to have it done in one week as I needed to get the furnace back in the house as I had no heat and the weather was getting cold. I hired him in September and the job was not completed by him until late December and I was freezing. The contractor left town the next day after I gave him the start check. Finally a week and half later he came back to town. Also he was doing several other jobs while doing mine and I am sure I paid for concrete going to another job but no way to prove it. Every time he came to my job he wanted more money and there was a argument. The poor workmanship is unbelievable. Holes in the concrete walls as he did not use a vibrator on them when concrete was being poured and rebar sticking out of concrete and nails were sticking out of concrete. My slab floor is not level and lines cut into the concrete floor are crooked and chipped. He never poured the egress window and then charged me for it. He never trowel the patio wall so rough and uneven and one of the walls is so crooked. It looks terrible. Which is what I expected when I saw him leave the job site the day we had the big pour and everyone knows u do not leave the job when u r pouring concrete. Holes in the concrete wall as he would not use a vibrate when pouring to vibrate out all air holes in concrete. Nails left in concrete hazarders. Horrible experience. Owner has a terrible attitude and even though he is married was bringing his mistress to the job site and was bragging about it. Terrible experience working with this guy he should not be in business. Do not hire him.

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