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4th Jun 2017
I have thoroughly enjoyed Jawatta Road. Reading about Judy's childhood in Sri Lanka has really made me determined to visit this exotic sounding island Well done Judy!
11th May 2017
Just bought a book from Amazon, they don't show you enough on the add and when you receive it it is totally not what you expected. This was clearly a book done by Amazon just to get the number, A5 paperback with no pictures or images, hardly 126 pages and that of almost £16 plus £3 delivery. For this cost I could have gone to WH Smiths and bought a much better book. Amazon is becoming a money grabbing Ripp-off company and forcing you into buying more to get free delivery. I am moving away from Amazon!
25th Apr 2017
So much for next day collection!!! I have been waiting in all day for Amazon to collect faulty goods NOT HAPPY AT ALL :-(
12th Apr 2017
Unfortunately I had to select a star as there is no option to score a zero bar rating As an Amazon Prime member I was led to believe I would receive quicker deliveries etc. However, since becoming a Prime member, I have had several issues with the delivery of my orders. From missed scheduled deliveries, to "the address does not exist" to "the items were too bulky for delivery" the item in question weighed 10kg. When the Prime delivery of an item made on the 3rd April will not arrive until the 15th April, as it has now "been lost in transit. I am beginning to believe that rather than a Prime Member I am a Prime Mug. The delivery experience has been nothing short of abysmal. Upon making a complaint about being at home for on four occasions until 8pm awaiting delivery I have been told the carrier is at fault. As my contract is with Amazon the carrier is not my concern it is for Amazon to resolve. Amazon has a duty to the customer and form a contract when accepting orders from us. We do not need to listen to the woes of their carriers, and its obvious Amazon is doing little to rectify the delivery issues as this has happened again & again after telling me "we can assure you this will never happen again." It is with regret that I am making this negative review but feel I that my complaints directly are largely being ignored. I appreciate the people I am communicating with are only doing heir job and nothing personal is aimed at them, however, I have established that they are following a script, as, experience has certainly resulted in the same responses from the Amazon employee. It feels as though you are not being listened too, many of my issues were completely ignored and a scripted answer would be offered, which bore no relation to the questions or issues raised. I am really disappointed in Amazons' customer service attitude.

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