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25th Jan 2020
Sought advise from these people regarding transfer out of defined benefits rights. I chose to not take the route "recommended " by Ascot Lloyd. Once my transfer out to a SIPP managed by an independent actuary was complete. I requested a part refund of fees paid in advance. It took me 8 weeks to bring this arrogant mob to a point where they found it easier to settle up rather than fight on. The threat of giving feedback on sites like this and reporting to the regulatory authorities did the trick in the end. Ironic that it had to come to this, but needs must. The FCA are now putting a focus on "Independent Financial Advisors being obliged to do no harm to clients" In the real world where i live "to do no harm to clients is a given not a flipping recently discovered nice to have". If you have a problem with any form of financial advise don't let them of the hook. COMPLAIN AND GET THE REGULATORS INVOLVED ONCE YOU HAVE EXHAUSTED THE LESS FORMAL OPTIONS. BUT STLL BEWARE BASED ON MY EXPERIENCES.
7th Apr 2017
Find another company, you'll thank me later.

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Ascot Lloyd

We're dedicated to helping our clients make the most of their money. That's why we believe in hard work, detail, fairness and the freedom that nurturing money can bring. We founded our vision on strong principles.

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