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9th May 2017
I have never ever come across such a unorganised unprofessional company! I ordered my bathroom suite at a reasonable price. I was very happy. I received my order on the 12th April I opened the box where the toilet was just to see the shape of it etc. It seemed all ok. I was waiting for my plumber to come in and fit it all, when I plumber got the toilet out of the box there was a huge chunk of the toilet had broken off. I thought to myself right I'll call and get a replacement thinking there wouldn't be no problem seen as I hadn't moved the toilet since the delivery driver placed it down. I emailed the pictures over as I was told to my a member of staff called MELAINE DANIELS. I got a reply back the next day to my surprise they would not replace this! I was completey shocked. I called them back and spoke to MELAINE DANIELS she was so unprofessional it was a joke just the tone of her voice you could hear she wasn't interested. I was on the phone for ages and then asked MELAINE DANIELS what should I now do with this broken toilet I have received her reply was and I quote "well dispose of it" I couldn't believe what I had just heard from a member of staff!!! The toilet was over £100 that is a lot of money to just "dispose" of and especially something that wasn't my fault!!!! I spoke to a team manager she was a bit more sympathetic then MELAINE DANIELS but she was still refusing an exchange due to it being over the 7days of receiving the item and she also said that I should of put my hand down the side of the toilet to check it over! But you cant even fit your little finger down the side left alone your hand! Anyway stay well away from these crooks!!! I would never even buy anything from these again!!

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Better Bathrooms

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