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19th May 2017
I bought one product Sensica and my wife some was not comfortable using we did call in our cooling off period to cancel the purchase and got confirmation that our credit card won't be charged. We were one week late in our return but ..agreement and confirmation you receive during purchase and sharing your Credit card Details was that once you cancel the product you won't be charged..also there will be one transaction per 100$ per month which is fine.. Since we were late week return the product i was not expecting they would charge me ..but i was ok if they charge 100$ as i would still get the refund once they get the return product in acceptable condition as we hardly used it.... To my surprise these...Unprofessional..did charged me 200$ in span of 2 days .in same month .when there was no response to my mails and trying to get through there busy lines. repeated calls When i did get in touch with them..explanation was i was late which i am fine but why didn't they get in touch before charging me directly ..second part is they broke the deal with 2 transactions in single month.. After repeated complaints i was confirmed that i would receive Refund in 14 days and there would be no further charges against my credit card which i believed as i recieved mails from DELANE.B and ALLIE accepting it was a mistake and my refund is in process. Somehow i believed it and we get along with our busy life hoping that like professional these guys would have done my refund ..i missed my date to check which was 2nd may ..and these *******..sorry i don't have better word ..this is my Frustration descent way..First i didn't received my 200$ Refund and these guys further charged me another 100$..********...i have to go though a lot as My Bank can't Block a Particular Vendor ..which they should i was left with only option to Block my Card and transfer all other stuff to diff card... Currently these guys owe me 300$ and i am waiting for refund..i would appreciate if anybody can let me know any other Consumer Forum where these guys would be held accountable and shut down their Fraud Business...atleast we can prevent other customer from falling in this TRAP.... I am Surprised even after so many negative feedback how does their products are Aired on TV channels..

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Brand Developers TV Shop

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