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15th Sep 2021
This ridiculous story happened almost 4 weeks ago. I had breakdown with my van in London. I called HINDLEY CLUTCH SPECIALISTS if they can fix my issue with DPF as previously they fixed my clutch and gearbox. Spoke to the chief mechanic with name Ross and asked him if he can give me hand with this issue as he said,, YES WE WILL HAVE LOOK ON IT BRING THE VAN TO MY GARAGE,,so I did . The van get to the garage at 20.08.2021 Friday at 5.00pm. I get the van fixed last Friday 10.09.2021 and paid £360 for fixing my DPF issue. Today on 15.09.2021 is my van broken again with same issue . So MR ROSS who gonna pay for my debts witch I get because of your promises and lies for 3 weeks ??? Van is in garage since today and will be ready tomorrow you PROFESSIONAL !! I lost so much money in those 3 weeks because of you and we taking about £3000 maybe more. DO NOT MAKE ANY PROMISES IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO FIX ANY ISSUE OR HAVE NOT EXPERIENCE !!!! So now I'll pay for the DPF fixing £120 and van is ready next day. DO NOT USE THIS GARAGE BE AWARE!!! They ruined my business and I lost so many jobs and reputation because of liars like them!!And I'm not toking about my financial lost . This huge liar cost me more than £3000 . NEVER EVER WITH YOU MR ROSS!!!!! I will not recommend you to anyone but I'll keep people know about you !!
10th Nov 2018
I want to make everyone aware. This company Hindley clutch specialists are a cut above the rest. On my way to work on Thursday 8th Nov and my clutch hit the floor I contacted them as they gave a fantastic price for a replacement clutch. They kept in contact with my throughout the day. Then called to explain my slave cylinder had popped and they will fit a new Slave Cylinder and see how there mechanic feels as I might not need a new clutch. True to there word they called back clutch was fine and the price is now £195 not £395. Absolutely amazing service my car was dropped off 30min after being fixed the same day and is running sweet. Can’t thank these guys enough. Amazing service recommend them to everyone. Thanks again Hindley Clutch service

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Hindley Clutch Specialists

For expert MOT services in Hindley, visit Hindley Clutch Specialists. Call us today on 01942 812200.

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