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28th Dec 2017
When family issues arise, noone wants to allow others to help smooth out those issues. Dr. Cindy made the experience much more comfortable for us. Very glad we fould help.
20th Dec 2017
After having several issues within our family, we decided to attend some counseling. Dr. Cindy came well recommended from one of my sorority sisters. Let me say that when it comes to approaching family issues, it can be very difficult to discuss. Dr. Cindy made the experience very easy and allowed each of us to identify our own faults. With her help we were able to create goals for our family and she helped us to identify that communication among each other would clear up many of our distrust issues.
2nd Nov 2017
My family and I were recently referred to Dr. Cindy by our local judicial system. Let me say that I felt as though no problem existed and we didn't need any interference. Dr. Cindy's warm demeanor made us feel as though we were speaking to an extended family member. Our visits with her soon became a welcoming experience. After each visit, I became more grateful of a situation that I was very upset in the beginning. Dr. Cindy helped each family member to identify what we needed to do to in order to live better lives. We would recommend her to anyone in need of family services. Every city should have a Dr. Cindy.
27th Jul 2017
Reliable and easy to talk with.
27th Jul 2017
This is dr. Cindy Chwalik. The false reviews by Jason kite, carry Dyke, Ida Von Trapp, and Bart Washington are false reviews made up by a delusional and mentally ill family member. Trust meter has been contacted and we do not want to remove these reviews until the legal action has been completed.
28th May 2017
Each visit I see Dr. Cindy Chwalik she is on the phone canceling or changing patients appointments as well as my own times.This behavior affects my appoinment time. She is irresponsible and unorganized. I have also seen her get upset, actually in anger. She instructs me not take medicine that a physcian has prescribed.
28th May 2017
WARNING:UNETHICAL AND IMMORAL Dr. cindy chwalik MH13027 violated my HIPAA rights several times. She told people I need to take medication. She wrote on two forms that I had a mental illness and took drugs. This is false information. I never gave this counselor my consent about any evaluation or dianosis. This is illegal! I notified the proper authorities and my lawyer. I DO NOT advise you to go to this counselor. She seems to let her personal problems get in the way of her job! She is not right.
27th May 2017
I have seen this counselor several times and have learned she is disorganized. She has scheduled appointments and cancels them. This demonstrates irresponsibility. Dr. Chwalik mentioned to me that I should not be on medication. This is not her field. She told me I have witnessed her unprofessional by seeing her display anger and impatience because I did not agree with her point of view. i found that I needed to find another therapist,
27th May 2017
This person violated my HIPAA rights. She told several people, I need to be on medication. She wrote on two public documents that I have a mental health problem and that I take drugs.This is not true. I have never asked Dr. Chwalik to diagnosis me. I never sighed any forms for her to evaluate me. She is unethical and immoral. It seems like her personal life conflicts with her career. Not recommended!

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Cindy Chwalik, Clinical Psychologist

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