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19th Jul 2019
Problems from start to finish. Boxes missing which suspiciously include high value electronic items. Damage caused to our floors when bringing items in. We were quoted one price and then told we had to pay more as the estimator had made an error. We reported a missing box and missing items from a box which has been opened and tampered with, and asked to file an insurance claim. That email has been ignored. Avoid this company.
21st Jun 2017
Once they had our money, the service went from bad to worse: - wanted to charge us more because they hadn't booked the container and the exchange rate moved; - the items we sent to only pack on container if room, got packed first, so not everything fitted on the container we had booked; - the amount of items damaged was ridiculous, and so many minor damages to picture frames, etc. that you just can't claim, due to poor packing - furniture pulled apart and brackets removed that shouldn't have been, then lost..... antiques which just can't be replaced. - management pretend they care by commenting on these reviews, and then just do nothing. Be aware.........and definitely think very carefully before using this company to move your home....... we didn't do it on price, and certainly had other options we wish we had taken.

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Doree Bonner

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