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15th Aug 2018
I ordeered a pair of Boho Sandals in June. My charge card paid same day. Still have not received the sandals and not a word from these thieves. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE SCAMMERS!!!!!!
19th Jul 2018
Ordered the Bohemian sandals, looked very cute. Right after ordering, received e-mail offering a discount so re-ordered. Sent them an e-mail and was assured first order, supposed to be soft leather, just not quite sure what kind of animal they came from, definitely stiff pleather and was amazed with the thickness of the sole, possibly 2 thicknesses of paper, very uncomfortable. Then I received my credit card statement and was charged twice, have filed a dispute with credit card company and won't be using this company again !
15th Nov 2017
Same scenario as everyone else! The dress wasn’t even close to the picture. Flimsy, color and pattern different, didn’t even try the cheap dress on. Returned it to China and spoke to Philip for the address. Many e-mails later to their e-mail support and have never heard from them again. I wish I would have read their reviews first. DON’T WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!!!
14th Sep 2017
I wish I had read all the reviews on here before I bought 2 BoHo Dress for $99.90 thru Paypay. I received the dress and it looked nothing like the picture so I emailed Sebastian and he said to send it back to China for a refund. 3 months later and I keep emailing them about the refund and NO response. I filed a claim with Paypal and they said my tracking number is invalid even though i have a letter from United States Postal Service stating that package was delivered. I will never use Paypay to make another purchase again as i would just go thru my credit card and do a chargeback so I don't have to deal with Paypal and their stupidity. How they cannot see that this company is a scam and help customers or offer their so call "Buyer's protection".
6th Sep 2017
I paid $52.90 for the Boho Dress which looked beautiful online. When the dress arrived it has thread hanging off the seems and was falling apart. I paid $13.50 to return the dress to the company for them to write refused, return to sender on the package without even receiving the dress. This is a fraudulent company stealing money from victims. DO NOT fall in to this trap. I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau of Investigation. They are the reason why most people no longer buy online. The good companies should be policing the fraudulent companies to keep their reputation.
6th Sep 2017
I sent back this piece of ***** dress in June and have not heard anything from them. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.
21st Aug 2017
I ordered a dress that was advertised as cotton and arrived pure polyester. I sent the it m back and never received my refund after 3 attempts to follow up Sebastian has ignored my emails.
12th Aug 2017
I returned an item. Never received my money back. They do not answer emails. I have emailed numerous times and NO reply. They are a crooked company. Does anyone know who they can be reported to?
12th Aug 2017
I ordered an item. Returned it & never received my money back. They need to be stopped!
26th Jul 2017
I never received my order, although it appears as delivered in the tracking system. I have contacted dragonflycentral more than 10 times and haven't received any response. I finally opened a case with PayPal (that I used to pay for my order) but that wasn't approved either because based on the tracking system I am supposed to have received my order. STAY AWAY AND DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!
22nd Jul 2017
I bought a dress about a month and a half prior to needing it and I contacted costumer service. I was told I would get it on time. "Not to worry" well.... I waited and waited and I never received it. My event passed and then I got the dress about a wk after. I sent it right back. It's been almost 3 months now and I have not received my refund. I've contacted the company numerous times and they've answered once and nothing else. I'm very annoyed and frustrated about the situation.
14th Jul 2017
I ordered the long boho dress in turquoise and what I received was NOTHING like the photo of the dress that I fell in love with. It's NOT the cotton fabric advertised, it's some cheap, nasty polyester or the like. The sewing is, well, I'm no expert but even I could do better. Threads, unsewn parts and missing buttons. It came from China. After my order, I was bombarded with "Thank You" emails and sent a bus load of vouchers for 10-15% off codes. With that in mind, I thought I'd email them, complain and request a refund. Four emails later from me, still NO answer from them. I'm $57 DOWN and left with a dress not fit for dusters. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS DRAGON FLY company. It's a scam! You have been warned.
7th Jul 2017
I paid for an inflatable sea shell in May 4th and up until now have not received it. I am very upset about this of course. I do not recommend buying from them. Fake, and They Never reply to messages or e-mails. They neither have a phone number for customer service, should have been enough prove to not buy anything from here!
5th Jul 2017
I bought a dress from them, it was advertised as being cotton/rayon. It was cheap polyester. I have to pay for the return to CHINA. There is no number to call customer service, only email. They are terribly unresponsive
29th Jun 2017
Boho turquoise Dress looked beautiful in the picture but awful when I got it. I have received no answer to my email complaining that it doesn't fit - it must be about three sizes less than they said. Learned a lesson - thank goodness I didn't order two as I was tempted to.
23rd Jun 2017
Total Scam ....same problem as everyone else... Yes the other day I received a dress from DragonflyCentral and it was not the same as the product pictured. filed dispute with paypal too. 1st pic: catalogue pic : Boho Long Sleeve Dress - Turquoise Green / L 2nd pic: dress received neckline is different, button detail closure is different Pattern model is different
23rd Jun 2017
No stars if possible, the dress is cheap and extremely small, there was no return address. I have emailed the company for an address and they must have sent a return email by another address because it is not in my email history under dragonfly. I have learned my lesson, I sure wish I had read the reviews before ordering. I am out big bucks now I fear.
17th Jun 2017
This company hides behind two unrelated facebook pages bohemian feeling and dragonfly central. They use other retailers photos to sell you absolute ***** that looks nothing like the pic and nothing like the size chart. Save your money.
16th Jun 2017
Trust all of the reviews here. This company is a scam.
16th Jun 2017
Do not buy -they list cloths as being made from rayon but you get polyester. Bait & Switch SCAM.
14th Jun 2017
Stay away from this clothing company. Terrible tacky clothes. Nothing even similar to the pictures you see online. This store needs to be shut down.
12th Jun 2017
I bought 2 dresses in 1 purchase, only 1 came way after their 30 days from purchase refund policy. I "chatted" with Jake Sanders, who I believe is a bot. I got Jake Sanders again today and the odds of getting the same person to chat with at a company is pretty slim. I have sent several emails to the support email listed. There is no phone number available on this site for a reason. Even their Facebook page advertise dragonflies and not their merch, probably to stay under Facebook's radar. $100 down the drain. Luckily, I used PayPal and not my credit card.
9th Jun 2017
Sent several emails and chat requests to find out what happened to our order., USPS tracking number does not exist. Only one response in almost 2 months that they will check on it. They refuse to give a phone number
8th Jun 2017
A couple of months ago, I came across a pic in my newsfeed and fell in love. It was, at least in the picture, a gorgeous bohemian dress. As I have a trip coming up to the beaches, I thought it would be perfect. I went to the site, chose my size, ordered and waited excitedly for it to arrive. When it did, I couldn't wait to open it. And then I did... My stomach churned. I first noticed the color was this disgusting shade. Ok, colors don't photograph the same. I can deal with that. The. I pulled it out of the package. The fabric was thin and felt terrible. I thought maybe it would be better on, so I ATTEMPTED to try it on. I say attempted because it was about 4 sizes too small, even though I ordered a large. I immediately contacted the company to inquire about a refund. They said send it back. I realized it was going to cost me 12-15 bucks to ship it back. Pointless. So, I decided to keep it and make sure others know what happened. I also started researching and have found tons of complaints. This is not ok! I would guess that dress probably cost about 5 bucks to make and I got ***** for my money. So, I have decided to keep it as a lesson learned and provide the scammers, Dragonfly Central Clothing $ 53.00 worth of free advertising.
29th May 2017
27th May 2017
I ordered what looked like a beautiful boho dress in several sizes larger than I wear it took almost 2 months to get and it's not even close to the photo on their site the quality is worse than a cheap Halloween costume and the size I ordered was a 3x , I doubt it would actually be a size small!! I thought the price was to good to be true and it is. Impossible to return (China) or get you money back, I had the same thing happen with the Lilligal site (puchased both at the same time) total scam and these companies are really profiting from these scams.ive learned my lesson and lost my money with 2 pieces of ***** dresses I have no use for.
27th May 2017
I ordered a dress April1st, 2017 ....finally received it on May 26th, 2017. Was so excited! Ordered XL because that is what I wear...this XL is more like a MEDIUM OR YOUTH XL! I will never order from this site again!
24th May 2017
I saw a beautiful beachy dress in my email and immediately ordered it for an upcoming beach trip. It was back ordered and took two months to receive "a" dress; not the dress I thought I was purchasing, but a poorly sewn dress that looks like a ten year old made it. It has loose threads hanging all over, patterns that should match in the front don't match up and the fabric and color isn't even close. My suggestion: DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM.
17th May 2017
Ordered a dress from them, took a month to receive it, obviously from China, of very poor quality and a size large I couldn't even fit my arms through! I'm very average size, this dress was size of a girls 14! I've emailed them twice without reply. Guess I wasted my money :(
12th May 2017
The clothing they show on their website looks one way but when you receive it it is a poor quality item made in China. They do not respond to your emails and if you want to try to return an item good luck with that !! They are definitely a scam so buyer beware do not purchase from this website!!

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