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26th May 2017
We signed up with Emoov and have found that the booking system/process used is highly floored. There is no screening on potential viewers - it's a tick in the box exercise to ask your circumstances. As there is no checking you can put what you want, cash buyer/sold etc.. There is no follow up unless you ask and then all they do is send an email or will phone twice. As a consequence you get nothing but time wasters - you don't need to be a genius to spot them ! Had issues with photos not appearing in our chosen sequence and also viewing time availability stuck on the weekend when we had limited times since 1st May bank holiday. I would not recommend them - you pay cheap and cheap service is what you get. Our choice to try them so only gave myself to blame for this total waste of rubbish service and am now going back to the trusty high street estate agent, people are less likely to be timewasters when they register with an estate agent who verifies their position. Not Impressed !
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