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16th May 2017
I recently took out car insurance for myself and two of my daughters. I used compare the market and to check out insurance prices etc. I took out insurance with Sheila's Wheels, Esure and Endsleigh! Both Sheila's Wheels and Esure emailed me to say they had confirmed proof of no claims bonus using online database. Endsleigh emailed my husbands email address to say they needed proof of no claims- unfortunately he didn't read the email and give me this information before the required date and my no claims proof arrived at Endsleigh within a week but they cancelled my insurance and further more charged me £75 for doing this. I rang them on several days asking for the justification to charge this outrageous amount only to be told that I had given them my husbands email address so it was not their fault. I had also given them my telephone number but they made no attempt to contact me by telephone. I think the sum taken is extremely high and un-necessary but they refused to change their mind. Easy way to make money charging cancellation fees at this amount even though I did not want to cancel the insurance which I explained to them BEWARE CANCELLATION FEES WITH ENDSLEIGH!! Customer service was not helpful and did nothing . I will never insure with them again and advise you all to beware T

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