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15th May 2019
I got a salesman who took £200 cash off me on April 6th 2019 and I am still waiting to get my refund back. you can't speak to the person who signs the cheques and I now realise that I am not alone . I want my money back and all they do is send emails and tell you that someone will phone you but they never phone.
2nd Mar 2019
If you want to spend a night in with a salesman give them a call, they use all the tricks also they consider their product cheap using B&Q as an example !!! and infer you are an idiot if you don't agree, defo avoid
8th Aug 2018
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! My brother in law ordered glass replacements for his windows and paid a £1000 deposit, sadly he passed away suddenly in tragic circumstances before the glass was installed or any date given for this. I called EnergiGlass to cancel his order, the staff I spoke to were kind and reasonable and told me that they would look into refunding his deposit. This was unexpected and I was most grateful as every penny that my sister and young niece could retrieve would be a massive help now that the breadwinner was gone. I called them a few days later and the staff (Gina) confirmed that the deposit had been ear-marked for return. I told my sister of this and she too was most grateful and relieved. And so we waited for the return. One month on and no return of deposit had arrived, this was now problematic as the bank account that the deposit had come from was now closed. I called EnergiGlass again and explained the situation. The staff told me that I would have to speak to the office manager Gareth who would call me back to sort it out. Each call was rather painful as each time I called I had to say 'no I'm not the original client, he is now deceased'. So I awaited Gareth's return call and each time it never came. Two weeks later on another call and losing patience I told the staff member that if Gareth didn't call me back I would be writing a review online. Sure enough within minutes Gareth called me back. This is where my disgust for this company and their office manager came into being. 1) Gareth told me that his staff would never have offered this refund (essentially calling me a liar). 2) He went on to say that they 'feel the pain of loss' also as they have lost a customer. 3) When telling him of my sisters financial devastation he asked me 'how was your brother in law going to have funded the remaining fee for the glazing?' I was shocked by this question and suggested he try calling my (deceased) brother in law to find out. 4) He told me that the glass had been manufactured and that we were lucky that they weren't going to pursue us for the complete sum of money, which was, to all extents and purposes, a threat to a newly widowed woman and her daughters financial liquidity. I asked him to prove this by sending me photos of all these glazing units as marked for delivery, Gareth said he would do this but didn't because it is quite obvious that they have not been manufactured. Gareth was rude, uncaring and overall despicable in his attitude. I now have to go back to my sister who is still absolutely devastated and broke and tell her 'sorry but remember I said how those nice folk at EnergiGlass promised to refund the deposit, well they have now decided not to and we should consider ourselves lucky that they aren't going to pursue you for the rest of the money'. Not a conversation I look forward to. When I first called this company to cancel the order I would have been happy with just the cancellation and would have left it at that. But EnergiGlass offering a refund to a grieving family and then refusing it almost two months later is an absolute disgrace. Gareth your staff acted with kindness and integrity, you however should be truly ashamed of yourself.
12th Apr 2017
If being put on hold is a hobby you enjoy, then sure, hire a service from this fly-by-night company. If not, then you are better of spending your money elsewhere.

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