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6th Dec 2018
Domestic and General engaged Expert Logistics to remove my old washing machine and install a new one. While the two delivery people were doing this they caused damaged to the vinyl flooring in the kitchen then claimed that I had done it. I had many interactions with Expert Logistics "Customer Service" department, almost all initiated by me. I found them cheerful, friendly, and useless - they did nothing that I asked for in relation to the incident and never got back to me. The company rejected my claim for damages on the basis of the information provided to them by the delivery people (but would not tell me what this information was). I eventually found out that they had an appeals process, so I sent in a detailed analysis of the situation complete with photographs. On enquiry by me, they confirmed that they received it, but they have never communicated the results of their appeal process.
15th Jun 2017
Wow. I thought this company was supposed to be the best in town. That's why I decide to use their services. Many people had many good things to say about them. But as I have found out they are terrible. They have treated me like **** from the beginning. And I don't know how they stay in business being this rude to the customers. I don't recommend them to anyone. They have very poor service. Rude very rude and untrained.

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