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6th Nov 2019
"TOP REFRIGERATOR MALFUNCTIONS At the moment, there are lots of fridge models and brands in the market. All fridges, however, tend to experience similar defects in the course of their lifetimes. Some of the commonest ones include: The fridge won’t start The fridge starts and stops continuously The appliance does not cool The fridge takes unusually long to cool The appliance leaks water or coolant The appliance makes too much noise when running The fridge has an unpleasant odor The appliance’s light is out The fridge’s door is broken All these defects are can mean trouble. Once you’ve noticed them, it’s important that you act quickly. If your fridge has stopped cooling, it’s only a matter of time before all the food stored in there spoils. Even when the fridge is still cooling, the malfunction forces it to work extra hard, and that leads to higher power consumption. If the fridge leaks water onto your floors, then the mess caused can lead to slips, let alone annoying. A noisy fridge, on the other hand, can be quite irritating. Failure to address these defects will only make them escalate."

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Fontana Appliance Repair

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Fontana Appliance Repair is ranked 8 out of 50 in the category

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