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24th Apr 2017
Never working with them again.
3rd Apr 2017
Poor customer service. Slow delivery.

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Livefood UK Ltd.

Fresh crickets locusts, mealworms & other livefoods; produced on our farm and delivered direct to your door.

We have been commercially producing livefood since 1989 and are one of the most established producers of live insects for reptile and bird food in the UK. So whether you are feeding reptiles, wild birds, cage birds or any other insect eating small animal, you can be sure to receive top quality service and top quality livefood from our very well established caring family firm.

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The Acres Gills Lane, BS26 2TZ, Rooks bridge, BS26 2TZ


United Kingdom


Livefood UK Ltd. is ranked 26 out of 45 in the category

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