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9th Mar 2019
Caution, do not enter,slippery when wet, deer crossing, railroad tracks. Ripped me and wife off back in Jan. Used to be called Spectrum changed name to Maya and location. Kim abrary and Alex darweesh not to be trusted 10 years of complaints on just about every sight there is. If you want a guaranteed certified purchase this is not the store, you will get ripped of in some way quality will not be up to standard or not as described or just sell you fake *****
7th Mar 2019
Beware,beware,beware, looking history of rip offs going back a decade, not to be trusted and they target ship customers. " not as described you take a big risk. " Proceed away from this shop of lies,lies ,lies.
5th Feb 2019
This Jewelry store not to be trusted, they do RIP people off and have been doing it for 10 years. Ripped me and my wife off,they target cruise ship passengers who are only there for a day. Kim and alex. Do your homework on them RIP off report, Florida carribean bbb, Yelp,Google maps used to be called Spectrum jewelers changed name and location. "No guarantee"
30th Jan 2019
Drop shot and brokendown, if you see this store,just keep rolling past. Alex and Kim liars and will RIP you off. Color enhanced goods,lab created regular and colored diamonds, Ruby's that are something other. It wouldn't surprise me if the emeralds were from a green 7- up bottle. Ripped off my mother and me and not 1 piece was real. Seems this store used to be called Spectrum jewelers had more terrible reviews than fair. Craig h
20th Dec 2018
Terrible hindsight, total liars " not as described" wasnt what it was suppose to be, something other 8,500 dollars later. No returns or refunds. Buyer beware target cruise ship and hotel customers. Formerly called Spectrum jewelers.
13th Dec 2018
Spent alot of money in this store with Alex and Kim seemed like it might be o.k. but almost didnt by . wish i wouldnt have got home got merchandise evaluated and JUNK ! Lab created man made diamonds. Scammed 📢 and " no returns of course" Also this store used to be called Spectrum bad reviews.
13th Dec 2018
They ripped me off back in june of this year not as described cant believe they got me as bad as they did have history usefd to be called Spectrum jewelers long history of rip off.
13th Dec 2018
It really amazes me that a scam store like this is still operating in st. Thomas they sold me ***** that is all plated i could have got at a costume jewelry store. I spent alot of money and when i get home its fake. Stay away from these horrible people Kim and Alex. Formerly known as Spectrum jewelers.
6th Dec 2018
They are not as favorably desired as other stores in st. Thomas u.s.v.i. they are pushy high pressure if you dont buy they get mad and kick you out of store multiple complaints over a span of a decade.." Check rip off report, yelp, google inspirock, maps trustmeter, chat meter and bbb florida carribean liars and not honest do not trust Alex or Kim. If you value your hard earned dollar proceed past this shop of swindlers formerly known as Spectrum jewelers change name to Maya and location from 33 to 5333 raadets gade. To all good shoppers " buyer beware" Tim
6th Dec 2018
They are not honest pushy, rude and if you dont buy they kick you out of store and say fowl language bad ex. Better off to by pass this little shop of lies and they talk to there employees like dogs.
24th Nov 2018
As i previously stated this is a dishonest store of lies and scams and they steel from seniors, they need to shut down. Mary😠 formerly Spectrum jewelers.
24th Nov 2018
My aunt went to stt about 2 weeks ago and she purchased green diamond stud earings very expensive. She is 82 and was told they are natural and very high quality. Well upon inspection they were something else color enhanced not worth even half what she paid, the woman who says she owns the store Kim stated "no refunds" after they told her 30 day warranty. Bad store. Also found out they used to be called Spectrum jewelers also bad reviews. Unsatisfied and angry.
12th Nov 2018
I had to give them 1 star no choice or i would have gave -5. No garauntee fake diamonds, lab reated tanzanite bought a mens ring suppose to be emeral and gold well no emerald and plated silver. My wife bought diamond ring in white gold turns out gold plated silver and the diamond was man made. This was are anniversary and they just lied and basically stole our money no refun threatened us over phone. Buyer beware. Criminals con artist do not trust fake smiles and rum punch, they will attack real smooth. B.hill.
12th Nov 2018
They have been ripping off people for the better part of 10 years primarily Alex and Kim. When you get home and get appraisal it will be not as described. They have over 65 complaints and lawsuits against them buyer beware try to get you drunk on rum punch and rip you off. Stay as far away as you can from here.unsatisfied customer.

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