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1st Aug 2019
Very rarely do you come across absolutely first-class customer service, but this has been an exemplary experience. We bought a rather expensive tent outfit last year. Got to Cornwall and used the tent for the second time this year and had major issues with it collapsing in the wind. I'd dropped my wife and 3 kids in Cornwall for a 4 week camping holiday, so this wasn't ideal. After my wife contacted them they arranged a new tent to be shipped down and the faulty one collected, they were absolutely brilliant on the phone to her helping diagnose the issues and sort out a replacement. They have quite literally turned the family holiday around from being a disaster and almost having to come home, to being sorted in a few days. Outstanding! Seriously this level of customer care, thoughtfulness, and quick no hassle resolution is so rare nowadays it's worthy of commendation. Superb, and very highly recommended. Thank you team! very very much appreciated.
24th Apr 2017
I usually am a good reviewer, but this service is just sad.
3rd Apr 2017
I am booking another company next time. Hopefully it will be better.

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Providers of outdoor gear and clothing, Outdoor World Direct is a well known, reputable online camping store with a vast selection of high quality products from the best outdoor brands.

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