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22nd May 2017
These products do exactly as they say! I ordered a trial pack.. I had no conformation email. Waited for days and it didn't come out of my bank so re-ordered and had a confirmation email. The products arrived but then anouther lot of products arrived, it was trial packs. So I sold a ack to a friend to get my money back. Then to my horror 3 weeks later more products more money out of my bank a couple of days later more products more money out of my bank. That's pretty much £100 in a month. I phoned the company apparently I had 2 accounts with them as I ordered 2 times (I did because of no confirmation email thinking it had not gone through) I have never heard of this... normally a company would decline as the email had already been used.. same password everything. So I apparently signed up attomatically. 2 lots of monthly payments around £50 a month. Finally sorting it out with this company I sent the products back. . Being told I would b refunded postage and products I didn't want. They refunded me but was near on £5 short and no postage for sending products back. So nearly £10 out of pocket and I know this is not a lot of money but I think "no I did not want these products" so why should I be out of pocket!!! I phoned the company and was told I would not b getting postage back. Apparently it's clear on the site that I was signing up... trust me this was not the case and 2 times no. I think this company force there products on you. Shame as they work but I would not ever buy them again. I will spread the word about my treatment and will not be recomending them.
2nd May 2017
Dreadful Customer service . When you buy online , they automatically sign you up for a subscription , if you don't want it you have to pay to return the item. The customer service is useless and will do nothing to help. Your account online will not let you cancel you need to phone them. Pain , awful non transparent company.

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