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26th May 2017
THIS IS A COPY OF LETTER, DETAILING OUR EXPERIENCE, SENT TO THE RANGE'S HEAD OFFICE IN APRIL OF WHICH WE STILL HAVEN'T HAD THE COURTESY OF A REPLY Mr Chris Dawson CEO The Range 21 April 2017 Tamar House, Thornbury Road, Estover, Plymouth PL6 7PT Dear Sir After spending over £1000 on furniture through your company I have to say that the service we received from your so-called friendly Customer Relations team has been abysmal. Friendly and helpful customer care is a joke. Your staff don't know the meaning of the words. On the 21st January we ordered: 1 X PEMBROKE 5 CHEST -WHITE 1 X PEMBROKE VANITY WHITE This was delivered 15th February 2017. No problem. As we were pleased with the furniture we decided to order another WHITE ITEM for our main bedroom and for the smaller bedroom we ordered two items in OAK FINISH. The order was: 1 X PEMBROKE 5 LOCK - WHITE 1 X PEMBROKE 5 CHEST - OAK 1 X PEMBROKE VANITY - OAK At the same time we had wanted to order: 1 X PEMBROKE 6 MIDI - OAK ..... But were told it was out of stock and to email for you to let us know when it was available. Which we did. -2- Barry & Kay Reeves On the 6th March 2017 after checking your online site we saw it was now in stock (We never received any notification from yourselves that it was in stock) so we placed a further order. I then spoke to your 'CUSTOMER SERVICE' department to see if they could arrange for the two orders to be delivered together. I was told, very unhelpfully, they couldn't do anything. It was up to the delivery company. What's the use of a customer service department that can't do anything! I also enquired as we had paid two delivery charges, through no fault of our own, would it be possible to have one refunded. Your operative spoke to, he said, his supervisor, who told him bluntly NO. I ended the call and thought I'd take up the query re the delivery charge at a later date. THEN THE FUN (IF YOU COULD CALL IT FUN) BEGAN On the 13th March we had the furniture delivered. both orders together 1 X PEMBROKE 5 LOCK - WHITE - CORRECT 1 X PEMBROKE 6 MIDI - OAK - CORRECT But instead of the Pembroke 5 Chest and Pembroke Vanity in OAK they were sent to us in WHITE The delivery men made notes and took photos of the incorrect items and advised us to Email your 'customer services' department. Which we did immediately. Not hearing anything from you, my wife telephoned the following day and was told they hadn't received our Email so we must have sent it to the wrong department. Your customer services representative then gave us 'THE CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS' ..... which was exactly the same as the one our original email was sent to!!!!! Another day went by and still we heard nothing. My wife telephoned your 'customer services' department, yet again, and spoke to a male operative who informed her that what we needed to do was 'CANCEL THE ORDER, REQUEST A REFUND AND RE-ORDER THE ITEMS!!! .... When my wife said this was ridiculous .... we didn't want a refund we just wanted the incorrect items exchanged .... he said they couldn't do that .... we would need to re-order as this was procedure! My wife asked to speak to a manager and was told no one was available, so she requested someone call her back. She was told it would be in 48 hours. Some CUSTOMER SERVICE! -3- Barry & Kay Reeves After my wife finished the call, I decided to do some detective work and managed to find, through the good graces of the delivery company, the telephone number of your furniture suppliers. I spoke to a young lady there and she acknowledged that she had made an error and would arrange to rectify it. When I informed her what we had been told about cancelling and reordering she, basically, said how ridiculous, a simple telephone call to them from your 'customer service' department could have solved the problem immediately. She arranged for the incorrect items to be collected and correct ones delivered. Two days later we did receive a telephone call, from someone purporting to be a customer service manager who expressed surprise that the matter had been resolved as there were no notes on the account. I informed her, in not so many words, that I had done their job for them. EVERYTHING WAS SORTED .... SO WE THOUGHT .... WAIT FOR IT We received delivery 23rd March 2017. The delivery note said 1 X PEMBROKE 5 CHEST OAK 1 X PEMBROKE VANITY OAK The delivery men unpacked the 5 chest and that was correct. OAK. We could hear them talking heatedly as they prepared to unpack the VANITY .... surprise! surprise! It was WHITE .... even though the consignment note said OAK. Yet more telephone calls. Not to your customer service department, which would have been a waste of time, but to your supplier. The lady was apologetic, said it was the fault of the pickers, and would endeavour to get the correct item delivered to us as soon as she could. She would try for the next day, Friday, even if it meant using their own transport. The transport manager wasn't there at the time and she needed to speak to him. I asked her to keep us updated on the situation and she assured me she'd get the aforementioned transport manager to give us a call. Yet again no call! -4- Barry & Kay Reeves I telephoned yet again on the following Monday and was told the item was being picked up during that week and the delivery company would be in contact to give us a delivery date. When I enquired about the so-called immediate delivery and the promised phone call, she said we had been informed that it wasn't possible. When I told her no such call was received from anyone at the suppliers she said 'I didn't know that.... I assumed it had been made'. To bring this sorry tale to an end we finally had our furniture order completed on Friday 31st March 2017. To resolve this situation it has taken considerable time and expense, not including the matter of the extra delivery charge, and a certain amount of stress and inconvenience. I would appreciate your comments on this matter and how you propose to deal with it. Yours faithfully Barry and Kay Reeves

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