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25th Jun 2017
Never see a worse upgrade team i understand three they don't care about there loyal customers after wasting 8 years they having a laugh by calling me saying we have fantastic deals for you this and that the deal they gave me :D expensive then internet sites well if you thinking to get three you will be disappointed
20th Jun 2017
They are so upsetting tell you one thing and do another. Add chargers to my account that i cant afford and was paying for 2 contacts when i only signed up for one. Try ring but customers service just pass me around and say SORRY MAM. never been so frustrated in al my life
19th May 2017
The worst company I've ever had to deal with poor signal as well as did dates being set for the wrong date and now being lied to after being ivercharged 33 pounds and been told it's a price increase then after getting legal advice been advised I can end contract but hey three don't seem to think so speak to a couple a people constantly being transferred and lied to one manager tells you it's all good they're gonna respect your legal right then deny once transferred you to someone else don't go there unless you want to be wasting your money and be ripped off the service and the customer service is terrible. They only have one star as zero isn't an option and bad is an understatement
28th Apr 2017
Can’t believe how simple this service was and how much money it saved me!
10th Apr 2017
Many good deals at affordable prices

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