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15th Jun 2017
Very nice Delicious food 👌
14th Jun 2017
We have spent a very enjoyable relaxing weekend at The Pigs on in one of the new Spa Suites. Lunch and Breakfast were excellent and the additional treats available if staying were very enjoyable. The honesty box for drinks along with the biscuits and marshmallows are a lovely touch. Spa treatments and a hot tub session are available on booking but we didn't have time to try these definitely next time.
28th Apr 2017
Last weekend I went to Amsterdam and I booked with trip advisor, we was staying on a boat, it turned about to be a scam I had been speaking to the owner of the property all day arranging when to meet etc. As I was parked near the location we walked down there to see where it was so when we had to meet him at 6:00pm we new where to go. when We got to the location at 2:30pm and we couldn't find the boat I got my phone out to Ring trip advisor but had an email saying the owner had cancelled the trip when I spoke to them they said would give me a refund and find me another property to stay in. After an hour and half on the phone to them they found me somewhere which was nowhere near where we was and was £750 a night which they expected me to pay bearing in mind I only paid £336, so because I didn't want to pay £750 a night they left me stranded out there with no where to stay, I went on to and found somewhere near where I was for the same price of £336 .. funny they couldn't find me anywhere but as well as that I had to to pay again for the hotel on before I even had my refund I have now received part of my refund but they still owe me another £100 which they are expecting me to wait till the 3rd of may to get which was fine because the deposit was in case we broke anything but we didn't even stay there so why should I have to wait? . I'm also still waiting for a call back from 3 days ago regarding this matter, and all this is coming from the company who are suppose to warn you of scams i can tell you now I will NEVER use them again because of the hassle I have had trying to get my refund and the fact that they didn't even care i had no where to stay About a week before I went I actually rung trip advisor to check if everything was okay and legit because I hadn't heard from the owner she told me everything was legit and I had nothing to worry about I would strongly recomend everyone to be careful when using them
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