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21st Jun 2017
We loved the home in Hernando Beach, and say if you want good home, with everything you need for a great vacation stay here. We re going back in Dec.outof 1 to 5 stars I d give it 6. Thanks Mindy
1st May 2017
We were going to rent this home for our vacation in July. The owner cashe our deposit check and a rental agreement was signed. About a week ago we received a check back from majesty escapes for our deposit. We also received a very unprofessional letter stating per the owners discretion this home is no long available. Two months prior to vacation (4th of July). They stated hopefully you will have time to secure another property. REALLY!!!!! According to the date on the check it sat on their desk for two weeks. Clearly shows they were avoiding the situation. Evidently the owner decided they wanted to use the place or they had friends that wanted it. We called and called no one would return our calls. We wanted and explanation. In our book a signed rental agreement and cashing our check was an agreement. Anyone dealing with majestic escapes or this owner beware they WILL pull the rug out from under you!!!!! We have rented places on lac courte for over 25 yrs. We have never been treated with such disrespect. BEWARE PEOPLE IF THEY DID IT TO US THEY WILL DO THE SAME TO OTHERS!!!

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