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19th May 2017
Absolutely shocking service. 12 call backs not received with poor excuses every time. A developer who doesn't speak English and doesn't even check his changes before sending them to you. Almost two years my site had been in development and am currently waiting for a call back scheduled for the end of February. It wouldn't be so insulting if they didn't post constant pictures of them dossing about in the office. I totally understand the sway of a relaxed and modern work environment, but it's a kick in the teeth when they can't even be bothered to reply to your emails. No wonder there is an old forum arranging legal action against them.

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Web Creation UK Ltd

The UK's No. 1 website design company & web designers. Thousands of customers use our web design services. We provide small to medium sized businesses with a full range of Web Services including Custom Website Design, Website Development and Search Marketing. Get a free web design quote today.

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