Stanley Haines

United Kingdom

Review about Mail Support Helpline Number
I’m still trying to figure out what I had a hard time with this company’s customer service department. I managed to get someone on the phone after calling three the company three times. The customer service agent could not answer any of my questions. I was shocked and extremely frustrated. The agent was not equipped to discuss my problem with the company’s service, and the agent had a bad attitude. I can’t believe that the agent was being impatient with me. I have decided not to do business with this company again.
Review about Fiverr
Not sure why this place comes so highly recommended. Unremarkable service all around. Staff seems entirely unenthusiastic, that really speaks to the kind of operation they are running here. Find somewhere else, unless you are interested in being entirely underwhelmed in every aspect. Honestly though, no one spends money for that. I guess I could try again but I’m not interested in wasting my time or money.