Emily S.

United States

Review about Amazon
Let me preface this by I have ordered from Amazon for the past 7 years with rarely any issues. However, the past couple of months Amazon has cancelled one of my (major) orders and the orders of two of my family member's without notification, stating "technical difficulties." I placed an order over a month ago for an item that was in stock and I could only find at Amazon ( a large baby glider), I was given an order confirmation number on my purchase date and a guaranteed shipping date of April 26th, two days before the baby shower. I even spoke to a customer service representative two weeks ago confirming the item would be delivered on April 26th. Yesterday I was reviewing my Amazon orders and that particular order was nowhere to be found, it mysteriously disappeared. I called Amazon customer service about the order and they argued back and forth with me for about 15 minutes stating that I had cancelled the order which I obviously hadn't cancelled by any means! Camilla then proceeded to place me on hold for an inordinate amount of time and then she stated "oh it looks like Amazon cancelled the order because we are out of stock so I guess you didn't cancel it after all." So how could they have sold me an out of stock item when the date I purchased it ( over a month ago) the item was listed as in stock!!! I spoke with a supervisor named Tasheen and he yelled at me over and over again saying " just pick a different color!" And "there's nothing we can do about it, too bad that our system cancelled it and didn't notify you!" I requested to speak to his manager and he stated that he will call me within 24 hours... I'm still waiting. Bottom line is it is unacceptable for a company to seek you a product and verify your purchase and then sell your item to someone else and then cancel your order without notification and pretend like the customer cancelled the order instead of the mismanaged company and customer service yell at you ( especially a supervisor) and tell you to just choose a different product. Absolutely unacceptable! Horrible customer service and a waste of two hours on the phone with them! So be careful if you order from amazon, they may cancel your orders and tell you it was your fault and to basically get over it.