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13th Feb 2018
Never reveived anything, it’s pure scam. Do not order there unless if you want to throw away your money.
27th Sep 2017
My daugther ordered en paid several issues but never received anything. They don't answer your mails, calls etc. When you complain on FB they block your account. Do not buy anything!
22nd Sep 2017
This company is pure scam. I made an order on september 13th and never received my products. They NEVER answer emails or dm's on instagram and they will never send the products you paid for.
24th Jul 2017
Placed an order for items which I never received they have not responded to my emails they then delete me from Facebook & Instagram.. How ridiculous is this site /business low life scum! Losers
19th Jul 2017
I placed a order on June 25 and it's now July 19th and I have not received my order I sent them a email and haven't heard nothing from them I didn't receive a tracking number so I can't track my package when I tried to look at my recent orders it says that I never placed a order but my bank says they took the money on the 25th of June this company is very fraudulent they will steal your money that's why we need to stop ordering from these fake wanna be boutiques like this one I wish I could've gave them a 0 rating
10th Jul 2017
Don't trust this site they take you money en don't give you order they Will say wait till next week iT:s now 2 months en still nothing.
21st May 2017
I placed an order on the site and was expecting that I would receive it within the 4-6 days as stipulated on the website. After a month, I still had not received anything so I emailed them to find out what the tracking number was and to confirm that they had sent it to the right address. I receive none of this information but instead just a one liner saying to be patient as it had been sent a long time ago. This was sent 4 days after me sending my request. I reiterated my request for a tracking number etc but again received nothing but a very rude response. After another 2 weeks, I finally received the smaller/cheaper items out of the order but was still missing two dresses. I got in touch again to ask that the cost for the dresses was refunded immediately and this time I received a tracking number and was told to take it to UPS. Unfortunately UPS didn't recognise the tracking number and I sent this message back to Jimmerly and reiterated my request that they issue a refund immediately. I got this response: No we cannot As we already shipped your order! U should look for it at ups. This company is absolutely not to be trusted. They have never heard of customer services and will happily keep your money without sending you the items you ordered. To be avoided at all costs!!!

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