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28th Mar 2018
I made an order, did not get any confirmation of the sale or shipping then discovered I had been charged more than the order amount. There was no response to my emails of complaint then I received an inferior pair of shoes nothing near what I ordered.Unable to contact and very unhappy!! The pics are of the shoes i ordered and the shoes I received.
25th Feb 2018
I ordered a pair of runners. I received a rather dodgy confirmation email from a Hotmail address : 'Thanks for your attention here . Your order did go through and we also have submitted the info to the factory and shipping company. I am preparing the tracking number for you now. Pls keep your eye on our mail box for I will email the number with the link soon and the shipping time is about 7-15 days. Pls remind me if you have not got the tracking number or there is any order issues. I am sorry I may forget during this crazy season to give you the shipping info in time. Thanks for your time.' When they arrived they were the wrong ones and the wrong size. I messaged them both on their site and using the hotmail account - no replies. So, stuck with the shoes and no refund/ exchange (the shoes they sent me were even cheaper than the ones I ordered).
11th Jan 2018
They took my money and sent damage shoes and not even what I ordered! No response at all from them! STAY AWAY From REPM2014.COM !!! SCAM !!!!!!! U can see the first pair of shoes is what I ordered. The other shoes is what got sent in a bag and damaged and definitely not what I ordered. I have sent so many messages till I’m blue in the face. No response. BAD BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :[ :€ :(. The ONE STAR IS NOT MY RATING, I HAD TO RATE TO POST. THEY GET NO RATE FROM ME THAT CAN B SAID PUBLICLY !
25th Jun 2017
Terrible shopping site, shoes were late and the wrong ones. When queried I sent pictures of what were ordered and what was actually delivered. They never responded but kept the money. They email from a gmail account. Completely untrustworthy and fraudulent company. Avoid at all costs!! They are a Chinese company and not Australian as they claim! Total scum.

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