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25th Mar 2020
I was Robben by them, our compact, un chile, lost 100k usd. They never send the equipamiento they said and the Smith african las protectoras the, because you have to spend 30 k usd fo start a law demand. Do not do business witt them
18th Oct 2017
If you really want to deal with this company- I hope you are ready for a rough time. They couldn't do enough when they wanted us to place an order- calls daily, even hourly. This soon changed though, as soon as the funds for the drones had been sent over the enthusiasm to communicate diminished rapidly . The drones were purchased for a particular project that had specific deadlines. This didn't matter to Airborne. Despite promising the multiple bespoke systems would be delivered in 3 we are a year on and we are still waiting for 90% of what was ordered to arrive. The deadline for the project has been and gone so we have therefore lost a very important contract. When they do decide to answer your calls the pathetic excuses are endless and to anyone with an ounce of intelligence they are clearly fabricated. They are obviously used to giving people the run around hoping that they will get fed up and give up. One could perhaps put a situation like this down to experience and forget about it if we were talking about quite cheap items.... We have to take into consideration the fact that these drones that promise incredible specifications cost approx $40,000 each just for a basic model- and in the case of having a bespoke spec this can almost double! They should not be allowed to continue in this manner. We have been put in touch with others that dealt with Airborne and have after a pain staking amount of time received some of their ordered drones. The experiences they described sounds almost identical between each case. Even on comparing the communication and excuses that they come up with- it sounds like they have this well practised on previous customers. This has also allowed us to witness one of the drones that had been sent to one of their other customers in action. This was even more disappointing than the amount of time we have waited and the terrible service we have received. There were many functions that weren't working and the performance was nothing close to what was guaranteed to this customer. The others are also stuck with multiple drone that they are unable to use for the requirements they were purchased for. There is a common theme here with the people we have spoken to. If we ever receive the remainder of our order we will be sure to update this review with a report of what arrives and how it performs. After what we have experienced though I will not be holding out much hope.
8th Aug 2017
Unfortunately people have purchased these drones and it looks like there are a lot of specs that don't even come close to the ones advertised and promised. Anyone even considering purchasing from this company should have a full demo of every aspect and spec given- eg Flight time, Distance, Obstacle detection, water proof system etc etc There are systems in the UK available to view for flight demonstration and to have a close look at the inner workings so that you can see and judge for yourselves exactly what advertised criteria these systems can & CANT achieve! Even if you are based internationally a plane ticket to the UK would be well worth it. There are a number of drone magazines and reviewers that are arranging to do the same so that they can write their own independent review and publish. One of the topics that they are particularly keen on is the absolute necessity to witness the UAV's in action personally before you make such a large investment- Especially when you are talking about something like the Vanguard that is approx $40,000!!!!!!!! With a company such as this being based in South Africa as well if you face the issues some of its customers are from around the world it is along way to go to try and resolve!!! The invitation is open as stated above- People are welcome to view FULLY the systems themselves. Please email:- dronereviewer to arrange! Links to the independent reviews will be posted as they are concluded.
4th Aug 2017
Todays Date:- 06.06.2017 Name / Company Name:- Ibraheem Camdeviren- Oyuncakhobi- Teknolojik Urunler Ticaret A.S World Location & Nationality:- Turkey- Turkish Name & Details of company reviewing:- (Including Individual’s / Owner / Employees Names ) 1. Airborne Drones 2. John James Gerber 3. David Bezuidenhout 4. JJ Rebello Date of Order Placement:- 19.02.2016 Original lead time to supply specified by manufacturer:- 1 month Delivery Time :- 6 months later! Purchased items details including costs etc:- 4 systems including ground stations- $63,600 Extra costs incurred:- We paid extra tax due to CE documents issues (Non proper units had sent) Dates of any items received 07.06.2016- the first A1 unit was shipped and it was in a used condition and defective (sent without case) The other 2 units were shipped 2 months later around August 2016. We got them 6 months Later Condition of items received:- We did order 3 units A1 with ground station and 1 full vanguard system with ground station. The first A1 came in a defective condition without case and ground station was broken. The other 3 units (2 x A1 systems and 1 Vanguard) came in our warehouse with a lot of missing parts inside such as propellers, batteries, cameras, charger..... Do items meet described / promised specifications? Not at all. We asked for extra batteries, extra propellers (paid) but never sent. We asked for 30x camera zoom for the day light camera but they sent 10x ones. Quality of products are awful Vanguard system was supposed to have pliable landing gear system but they did not do. They declared that flight time for A1 system would be 45-50 mins but it does not even fly 30 min. Vanguard flight time was declared for 92 mins but it did not even fly more that 50 mins There are many things I dont even remember....... Items/ issues still outstanding:- All units are waiting in our warehouse and they did not even offer to replace with new ones or refunding money back. We asked for money back they never answered. Description of communications with the company during this purchase - how has the order and / or any issues been dealt with. It was horrible. What I can say so far they money and never communicate since then Are Drone Systems fully Operational? No You have to be stupid if you are willing to order any drones through this company
29th Jul 2017
The following has been copied from an email from Gardaworld- regarding the review posted on Trust meter from someone alleging that Gardaworld have purchased 4 Vanguards:- Hello We have reviewed this internally and confirm we have never purchased equipment from this vendor. I have reported this as a fake post to Trust Meter today. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Photo of the review uploaded to view for when this gets removed- Now if this is a false review- who could have instigated it?
29th Jul 2017
Date: 6/06/17 Claudio Martins Ferreira – Fazenda Meandros Location: São Paulo, SP, Brasil Review about: Airborne Drones, Capetown , South Africa A) 1. Gideon Gerber (company owner) 2. John James Gerber (owner’s son) [email protected] 3. David Bezuidenhout [email protected] B) Order 1. Date of placement: 08/31/16 2. Original lead time to supply specified by manufacturer:-30 days 3. Delivered in time: NO. Delay was 30 to 180 days late (see item D) C) Unexpected- Extra costs incurred Delivery cost from Miami ,F,, USA to São Paulo , Brasil - USD 8.000,00 D) Date of items received Part of the items were delivered in mid September 2016 , part in February 2017 and part was not delivered. The last item delivered was wrong: two blade propellers instead of triblades. So it is useless. E) Condition of items received Only part of the items purchased was delivered, and not working properly (see item H) F) Characteristics of the delivered items Most of the equipment delivered was defective, low quality and did not meet the stated/promised specs; G) Items/ issues still unsolved The equipment is still not operational (see items H and I ); H) Description of communications with the company during this purchase - how has the order and / or any issues been dealt with 1- The company had and is obliged to deliver the acquired products with all the characteristics and specifications announced and in perfect operation. The purchase was made in the trust, with payment in advance. 2- In the first delivery it was verified that only part of the equipment purchased was delivered, and items such as ground station were replaced by a lower model whose value was only 20% of that of the equipment purchased. Also with this equipment was impossible to fill the characteristics Autonomous flight and long-range video. 3. Yet you still made a naive attempt to convince me that the inferior is equal to the superior! 4- This behaviour clearly characterizes a (frustrated) attempt to deceive the customer. It is unethical and dishonest. 5- Only after I posted a complaint on consumer protection sites did Mr. John James contact me saying that he was going to send the missing equipment, change the ground station and send a technician to carry out repairs, configurations and (Including flight test). ¨6- When the technician (Mr. Daniel) finally arrived 8 months had already passed since the date of purchase of the equipment. 7- Then it was verified that the problems with the drone were much bigger than the initially foreseen: - All the configuration and hardware of the ground station had to be revised. Errors were also found in the internal cables that had to be redone -Gimbal camera did not work The video transmitter was defective. I even bought another one here in Brazil to replace it. The IR Flir camera was a basic model that cannot record videos The technician worked many days trying to solve these problems but every time he needed some information the delay in response was at least 24 hours, which delayed his work even more 8- Since the technician was staying here longer than expected, you started pushing me to send him back. On several occasions, I explained that all this delay was the fault of the lack of professionalism of your company that sent the drone without pre-testing it and with the wrong ground station. Also, you did not send the spare propellers that I had already bought and paid for. I also explained that the technician should stay here until all problems are resolved so that the drone is in safe operating condition. 9. Your statement that all technical problems have been solved is false and a lie. The flight video that you cited as proof was just an attempt, without camera operation, gimbal, video (FPV) and autonomous flight capability (mission planer software). A complete test should also include the distance test both for telemetry and for video transmission. None of this was done because several problems had not yet been solved. 10 - In this sense, the technician himself always stated that he wished to complete his work successfully and never stated his intention to return without doing so. 11- Keeping the technician here until all problems were solved leaving the equipment in perfect working order should be an initiative of the seller and manufacturer = you. An ethical and honest initiative. But that is not what happened. 12- The technician was staying at my house with my family and was never forced to be against his will or prevented from returning immediately to South Africa. He was simply trying to finish his work because he knew that the drone was not yet in Adequate and safe operating conditions. All these lies that you have invented are further proof of the unethical and dishonest behavior of your company. 13- After the fraudulent denunciation that the technician was prevented from returning here, the local police were activated via embassy of South Africa, and he had to leave immediately without completing his work leaving the equipment without operational conditions. 14 - The attempt to distort the facts was revealed by the statements made by the technician at the police station and the staff of the embassy, stating that he was not here against his will and was not prevented from returning to his country. In summary, this is a dishonest company, who does not mind trying to deliver only a portion of what has been purchased, and a defective product with quality and characteristics well below promised specifications and obviously not working. I) Drone operational state Not operational J) My opinion about this company I do not recommend. It’s a dishonest company Claudio martins Ferreira
25th Jul 2017
For anyone else that has been ripped off by Airborne drones and would like to locate them, they have been at the following address for approx the last 12 months:- Unit 9 London Road Bracken fell Cape Town 7560 John James Gerber 0027 82 710 6222 David Bezuidenhout 0027 61 343 9599 JJ Rebello 0027 82 041 4286 We hope that everyone that has done business with this company gets back the money they are owed for either purchasing the falsly described products or supplying goods that you could not get payment for!!
18th Apr 2017
Shukraan Airborne Drones, we happy at Gardaworld Afghanistan for Vanguard solution. After training on system dis drone, we utilise 4 Vanguards help very much for counter-terrorism surveillance. After sales team help to understand product and always answer questions. One thing to do better, time difference a problem for technical question. Need a agent in different time zones.

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