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18 hours ago
Really convenient to use and reliable. I wish that you would have more stocks for your different items. I strongly recommend everyone to shop at Choicest1. Keep up the excellent both product and service/delivery.
Very pleased with their customer service, my email was answered within two days and my issues was resolved immediately. VERY happy with everything!
8th Dec 2018
Excellent return policy, excellent customer service, excellent pricing. We decided to go with prime to see if it paid for it's self in shipping charges, shipping time, and other perks. We are more than happy with that choice. The few times I have had to contact Choicest1 for issues were resolved quickly and professionally by them. My experiences have been very positive.
8th Dec 2018
Amazing care for their customers and always assuming the best. Package lost? They'll cover and replace it (so long as its a reasonable cost). Order the wrong thing? Easy return policy and replacement order. Overall, just a enjoyable company to do business with!
8th Dec 2018
I love Choicest1! Every time I've ever had a problem, they have came through and made sure to fix things the right way. Sometimes they've given me an entire refund and let me keep the item at the same time. I think every company should try to follow the standards that Choicest1 does. So far Im a very happy customer!
8th Dec 2018
I find it hard to understand all the negative feedback about their customer service as I have always found them to be exceptionally helpful and I have never had any issues returning any items. I have always found their service to be exemplary.
8th Dec 2018
Shop while closing your eyes it’s 100% safe . I’v never found a customer service like Choicest1 they are the best of the best never had a problem without being solved in seconds.
7th Dec 2018
I love Choicest1! Every time I've ever had a problem, they have came through and made sure to fix things the right way. Sometimes they've given me an entire refund and let me keep the item at the same time. I think every company should try to follow the standards that Choicest1 does. So far Im a very happy customer!
7th Dec 2018
Is a great company for shopping online never had a bad experience. My items always arrived on time. My items has been exactly what I ordered, and they have great prices.
7th Dec 2018
The speed on their service is always quick and they have improved maiden in their customer support over the years. Recently had a slight issue and had email, live chat, phone sorry to choose from. Sure some things go wrong from time to time but they sort everything out quickly.
7th Dec 2018
The speed on their service is always quick and they have improved maiden in their customer support over the years. Recently had a slight issue and had email, live chat, phone sorry to choose from. Sure some things go wrong from time to time but they sort everything out quickly.
7th Dec 2018
When a product arrives and was damaged in shipping - replacement was easy. When a product was damaged when we were opening the packaging - replacement was easy. When I needed to return something but the timing window had passed - they made an exception and the return was easy! The online chat is exceptional and their customer service is top notch. I always have a smile on my face when I see a Choicest1 box on my doorstep!
6th Dec 2018
I am very impressed with the service I have received. It was very good and could not fault them on it at all. Thank you Choicest1, Love your products and service.
6th Dec 2018
The delivery process is always smooth. I received my items quicker than expected. The products are amazing. It was hassle free and so easy. Y'all are the best Choicest1!!! Thank you so much!!
6th Dec 2018
Reasonably price, nicest quality product, and the customer service is amazing. What you see is exactly what you get. Thank you for your friendly and fast service.
4th Dec 2018
I recently brought a Beauty Product of Choicest1 and the service and shipping was amazing. It was quick simple and fast. So easy and reliable and definitely worth the money. Great business :)
7th Jan 2018
Very good marketplace, fast and helpful support, very simple interface, would recommend!
27th Dec 2017
Staff bright, friendly, and helpful. Their employees knowledgeable about the business and quickly provides necessary information. Overall, my experience is just great. My order came a bit early than expected.
26th Dec 2017
A simple, fast and efficient service which completely compliments them, goods were sent and received in good time and the returns process simple. Will surely recommend to others.
26th Dec 2017
Very happy with my order , very compact unit. Will be recommending to my friends and family. Rated great Christmas present. Thank you
25th Nov 2017
Absolutely useless company with worse customer service. Ordered a Halloween costume a month before Halloween. Now a month after and they could not get the address correct on the order. Since the product comes over on the slow boat from China, it's taken forever. The post office was very cooperative, but had to send the product back. Choicest1 offers no refunds or no guarantee your product will ever make it to you - so, I have paid, have no product and will get neither my money back nor the costume. That's "their policy that is very important to our company". Taking to Small Claims Court to resolve. Customer service team does not read any of the feedback or information provided, just spouts off canned answers, acknowledges they are wrong, but then says, "too bad, that's our policy". Save your money and order from a trusted company.
10th Nov 2017
Received wrong items, and after a month of writing back and forth, they want me to send the items to Hong Kong at my expense, so they can resend me the correct items... This is a big SCAM, Stay away!!!
24th Oct 2017
Ordered Halloween costume on 10/4, 15-20 day delivery promise. Nothing as of 20th day, other than telling me to use their tracking number, for which i must download a new app, I do NOT TRUST them enough to download anything like that, and customer service pretty much tells me to be patient: NO REFUNDS after shipping. Save yourself the hassle!
24th Sep 2017
Waste of money!! I purchased the magnetic eyelashes from Choicest1. After a month of waiting and still no package I contacted them and they provided me a tracking number which did not seem to exist as when I tried to look up information I received a message "No information available for this package". Then when I escalated it to a PayPal dispute they suddenly had a different tracking number for me. Finally, after 69 days of email excuses from them, the package arrived, but the right lashes were damaged. (Side note and buyer beware: even if the right lashes weren't damaged, these lashes look NOTHING like the photos on the website, so if that's what you think you are receiving you'll be very disappointed). According to Choicest1 "Customer Service" (and I use that term very loosely),these lashes apparently aren't intended to fit your full eye (as indicated in the photos), they are just meant to go on the outer edge and are considered "3/4" lashes. However in the set they sent me, the right side arrived missing lashes on 1/4 of the strip leaving a sharp piece of bare plastic sticking out into the middle of my eye. So I guess I am to wear 3/4 lashes on the left and 1/2 lashes on the right. I complained and asked for a refund and sent them photos of the defect, as well as photos of the lashes on my eye, however was told that these lashes are not considered defective, and that I should cut the excess plastic off the right side, put on a little mascara and wear them that way. Of note, I tried putting the "non-defective" left side lashes on to see how they fit, and they look horrible. they don't curve with your eye, so you have a fake looking bar of plastic and gnarled lashes going straight across your eye which looks absolutely ridiculous. So to conclude, I would not purchase anything from Choicest1 and don't recommend that anyone else does either, because should you have a problem with any of their products you will be strung along for months receiving nothing but email excuses, and at the end of the day they are going to tell you that the product they sent you is just fine and that you should use it anyway.
16th Sep 2017
, no goods I have paid for , no reply om emails ***** company
15th Sep 2017
I wish I'd looked for reviews before throwing money at this company. The product does not look as advertised, is about 2-3 sizes smaller than advertised, and since you can't get a refund or exchange, they are a 100% rip-off. I have to assume so is every product this scam company sells. And they delete negative comments on facebook, just so you know. Stay away! And shame on facebook for allowing them to continue to advertise on that platform.
13th Sep 2017
First off ordered the magnetic eyelashes in July it is now September and I just received it. My order was for two sets of eyelashes...or so i thought. What I received was one eyelash. Yes they must think that humans are cyclops's with only one eye. Fast forward 16 emails later and nothing!!!!!! NO NO NO STARS. , this company deserves nothing They are a total rip-off and I'm going to report them to the Better Business Bureau!!!!!!!!
4th Sep 2017
order from them paid them for merchandise never received it would not refund money
1st Sep 2017
I ordered the eyelashes from them and they never arrived. When asking customer service I get the run-around with extremely polite but utterly useless emails. Needless to say I will never order here again.
16th Aug 2017
well l placed an order for eyelashes that said it would be here by 15th August, anyway when l went to track the number it said it didn't exist.. what the hell!
22nd Jun 2017
I should kick myself for not reading reviews before ordering online products! I've been searching for a stretchy, pull over bra for some time and when I saw these, they looked amazing! I just received my order of 3 bras today, not in the colors I ordered, and trying the first one on, it's made for a very tiny woman. Their XXL would comfortably fit a petite. Not worth my time or money to try to return to the Chinese company listed on label -- no mention at all anywhere on package that it's from Choicest1.
10th Jun 2017
Their advertisements are misleading and not a good representation of the actual product. They will not refund your money unless you ship it back to Hong Kong. It costs just as much or more to ship it back than you pay for it. Waste of money and time. They also made it seem like I would receive a refund and when I asked them why it had not come through they said they needed pictures and it returned in the mail within 24 hours. Ridiculous.
2nd Jun 2017
On May15th,I order a top Body shaper and I have not receive them to this moment,Please reply!
22nd May 2017
Dont but ANYTHING from this bunch of crooks ..they take your money ,then totally ignore you when you don't receive your item. They will rip you off.
12th May 2017
I would never order again from this company as unfortunately the items I ordered do not fit and I would like another size. However, their terms are that you can only return items that are damaged. So, unless you are 100% sure of the fit, I would advise not using this company.
12th Apr 2017
I'd give them 10 out of 10 for all the help they have given me!

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