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22nd Jun 2018
Dell USA offers several technical support consulting options to assist you Call 24/7 on +1-888-958-7518 Dell Support Phone Number for USA & Canada. Visit at Dell Support.
16th May 2017
Unfortunately my Dell laptop was infected with a terrible virus that made it impossible to use. I called Dell support, and at first the help was excellent. I was encouraged to buy a warranty that covered both hardware and software and a start up disc to make my laptop usable again. However, from that time to this, all I have received from my steady stream of emails from their customer service department is a long list of false promises and repetitions of the same useless apologies. I explained that if I did not have the start up disc by the end of business day May 12, I would cancel my warranty and refuse payment on the disc as well. At that point, although I was originally told to expect my disc by the preceding Wednesday, I thought I was being very reasonable. The disc still isn't here (May 16), and all I get are the same emails written by a variety of folks who obviously have not read any of my responses. I bought an Acer laptop. I have the number for 24/7 support, and I feel much more confident about being able to get help when I need it and when it is promised.

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