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6th Nov 2018
Petultra is a pet product company that sells primarily through e-commerce on Magento and we operate on a dropshipping model. This has worked out very well for us as we do not have to maintain inventory space and simply give the orders of our customers over to our suppliers and the goods will be delivered as soon as available. We have not found a good dropshipping inventory management system that we really liked, until we discovered EMERGE App upon the recommendation from a friend. EMERGE App’s dropship module is really easy to understand and use, and as it is directly integrated into Magento, all we need to do is to manage our shopfront directly from EMERGE App’s platform. EMERGE App has greatly simplified a lot of our company’s processes such as invoicing and purchasing, freeing up more time for us to source for even better pet products for our clients. We require our system to be really flexible, as at times we manage pretty complex orders between customers and suppliers. EMERGE App has delivered on that front so far, and that flexibility is highly valuable in preparing for events such as tradeshows or bazaars. On a more conservative note, EMERGE App is not as intuitive as it is built to cater to many different workflows required by many types of companies. It’s a tradeoff that we’re willing to live with because of the ease that EMERGE App has afforded us.

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