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12th Mar 2020
I ordered a part from Amazon but it came from this company.. The description was not right. Had it been, the part would have fit... I had to pay about the same amount as the part for shipping it back.. This is just crazy to me. Poor product quality and rediculous that I had to pay to ship back..
8th Nov 2018
I have just received the most disgusting service from HM Auto in Sebenza. I took my car into them as she was over heating, and asked for a quote to change the thermostat, they it shouldn't got much but they will advise. About 2 hours later a college of mine handed me my car keys at work. As he went to drop off a work vehicle for a service and they just handed my car over. I have issues with this.... 1st they fixed my car without me receiving a quote or giving a go ahead. 2nd how can they just hand my car keys and car over to a college. I never gave any consent. What is he was involved in an accident with my car or was hijacked??? How can any company just hand a private car over without consent? On questioning this with HM Auto, I was degraded and insulted by the owner as I’m a single mom who can only afford a JEEP. He does not see the problem in what they did.

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