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23rd Apr 2017
The service for garden collection wastage has been worst this year. I paid £50 through Visa card under reference 180769 couple of weeks ago. I was told on telephone that the new bags will arrive 10days ago and collection will take place last Wednesday but nothing happened. It is Sunday to day and still waiting. I understand from my neighbors the bags that you provide are not fit for purpose. The bags are small and it is difficult to fill them up with the lawnmower basket. We believe that this is not fair to treat this area like this when we are paying the highest council tax and most of us in this area are pensioners with lot of physical problems. I would appreciate if you could look into this complaint carefully and address the issues regarding garden wastage collection bags and services. I look forward to hear from you soon.

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London Borough of Redbridge

Official website of Redbridge Council providing details of all services, local information and community tools for residents, businesses and visitors

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London Borough of Redbridge is ranked 32 out of 37 in the category Cleaning Service

London Borough of Redbridge is ranked 9 out of 12 in the category

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