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21st Jun 2017
We were trying to transfer our 2 line to one account and they told us to do one thing we did it then it didn't transfer so we called now they told us a whole different thing to do. Then their not even trying to make up for their mistake and they were rude and disrespectful and poor customer service.
14th Jun 2017
I've called on numerous occasions about this matter.. On June 04, i called and spoke to a rep from Europe, he offered me a promotion on the new iphone 7. Its the buy one get one free. He was a really good rep and took good care of me. But he didn't tell me the buy one get one free promotion is to add on another line. Before that purchase i had only 2 lines. I agreed on the promotion to later add my second line onto the free one. It wasnt until i received an email from sprint about my sprint lease. Had i not received that email, i would've never known i had a third line. I immediately called sprint on Tuesday June 06 to ask about this. The lady said they will listen to a tape pull and gave me the tape pull number. Also told me if sales rep failed to tell me that the promotion needs to activate another line, that they would have to honor the free iphone with no charge. I have also requested to hear the conversation that i had with the first sales rep for oner 45 minutes. I spoke to another rep on Thursday June 8th to activate my 7630 number and again spoke to another rep on this matter. I will NOT be responsible for another line. I asked them again if the tape pull was listened to and what the out come with that was? They couldn't give me an answer. She told me it wouldn't be ready till Friday June 16th. I demanded to get this mater fixed before the 19th. (14 days up) I spoke to another sales rep Monday June 12 and he told me that it would be best if i return the iphones immediately. I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor. He then said one wasn't available and one would call me right away. Again no one called me back. I am aware that i only have till June 19th to return the devices. However, i also know my rights and will be taking this matter further. I myself has records of dates and times of all phone calls and emails. Today, all they could tell me is to return the devices. I think that the rep who sold me the phones and failed to tell me that another line would be activated should be responsible for this.
19th May 2017
I am switching carriers!!! Sprint has been nothing but problems for me! They made a mistake on my account, and even admitted they made the mistake!! Then still made me pay $200 to restore my phone even though it wasn't my fault!!! Nothing but issues.
14th May 2017
I switched from metro pcs to Sprint last week and its one of the biggest mistakes I've made!.. The signal is poor or unavailable and as a driver, I need to communicate and navigate all over the state and I have not been able to work much due to their network failure..i called them yesterday as I was out and needed navigation and no network and was told several persons had called with same complaint and it would be dealt with in 48 to 72 hours!! am I suppose to work?!!..Luckily where I was I could find my way home..they are not going to reimburse me for my losses due to their network failure.. I'm switching back to metro pcs asap!!!..i wouldn't recommend them to anyone!!!
12th May 2017
Pauline greeted me with a warm open smile. I felt welcomed. I came to the store with a problem and she immediately solved it. Her knowledge and efficiency was very appreciated.

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