2nd Jun 2017
Review about Shophouse The Social Hostel
Ok so for me this was the worst hostel experience I had my whole trip. The beds are rock solid I didn't sleep for 2 days straight, there's really no separation between you and any other bed so when the guy behind you wakes up at 7am and turns on his "personal" light the whole room is lit up and everyone's awake. It's super loud, like you can hear people stomping above you, hear people stomping below you, the door doesn't really work so whenever people go in and out it's always jammed and jiggly and you have to slam it. There's no consideration for others whatsoever, it's 9am here and there's 8 people currently asleep in my dorm and the receptionist just came in, turned on the light and started making the bed... maybe I'm just easily annoyed but could this not have waited for literally any other time!?!?!? So after that I go to read some reviews about the place and apparently there's a bed bug problem... I haven't seen any. I did see a huge rat though, he likes to run through here sometimes. The room itself is very eerie, concrete floor, brick walls, no window, steel beds, it's really almost like a prison. The only thing that got me through my 3 nights here were the people I met.... oh and to add to all this the whole time I've been here they haven't had a single towel availble!!! I've been drying off in my PJ's and my roomies who got a towel got a towel the size of a hand towel and it STUNK. So ya I highly do not recommend this place, the only good part is the breakfast is served for a long time so you can't really miss it, but they don't re stock anything so you gotta hope there's something left for you. Terrible experience here.