11th Jun 2017
Review about Dine India Countesthorpe
Well, popped down to my local Indian in my village and everyone bangs on about how it's cheap on a Sunday. Taken my friends son and my daughter for the Sunday buffet and got seated to wait for 20 minutes and then he walked us to a empty table amongst 30 other free tables. Went up to get dinner and 2 waiters are watching my every move. Sat down to tuck into my cold curry and the man has stared viciously at me. He was the boss. I then found a thick black hair in my curry and called the man over to explain what I had found. He got angry and called me and my young friend fat people. I got up and refused to pay for my dinner as anyone would for a service you expect to enjoy. My friends son will now not eat and doesn't want to go school tomorrow. Vile and discrimination to people. Dirty