20th May 2017
Review about Chopped
Today I went to chopped in dundrum and I ordered my usual, a bowl with ham, dried cranberries, avocado and feta cheese with a berry punch smoothie. My go to place is the chopped in newbridge so I was delighted to find out there was one in Dundrum. As soon as I saw her putting my bowl together I regretted my choice. I was give to meagre slice of ham when I was used to get proper cooked ham, I was given a handful of cranberries. I was given 1 slice of avocado and when I asked for another 1 she told me she couldn't give me more. The feta cheese was hard and not properly chopped. As for my smoothie it was a disaster it was half full and not it's usual consisting. All in all this was a very dissapointing meal. The standards here compared to newbridge were terrible. This was terrible and I won't be coming here again