4th Jun 2017
Review about Berrigan Takeaway & Pizza
Brought a pizza and I became very sick very quickly after the first piece because they put fish on it without pro mission or asking. Who in their right mind puts fish on a supreme pizza ??? ���without pro mission or asking. When we contacted them the stores reply was (ow it's standard for supreme to have fish on it) I'm sorry when it comes to things like seafood that can be just as bad as giving someone nuts who's allergic to them. Very basic Ask or inform people if your going to give them things like that. it's common Knowledge of Hospitality and very basic even a take away place should know it. After posting a poor review rating on their Facebook page the owner Debbie harassed me on Facebook and kept trying to call me on my inbox call thing. then made out I ordered the LOT (Which was not the case) she just didn't like a bad review because her food made me extremely sick as I'm allergic to some foods and she tried turning the blame on to me saying things like ow it's my fault etc. they are rude and poor hospitality skills.