10th May 2017
Review about Nextag
. I ordered a product to be delivered within a certain timeframe. The delivery team did not show up within the specified timeframe (or at any time), nor was I phoned to get an explanation why my order was not being delivered. I was not left a card or anything like this saying that they even attempted to deliver my order, so this means that they did not bother to show up. On the next day I got an automated email stating that my order was cancelled. When I called their customer service team, they told me that because I did not get in touch with them to re-arrange the delivery, my order was automatically cancelled. The girl on the phone advised me that if she were me she would have contacted them to check what was going on with the order. There were no apologies or offers to rearrange the delivery. This is just ridiculous and unacceptable and i will never buy from this website again.