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Review about Desoto Private School
Dysfunctional hot mess!!! Once upon a time Desoto private school may have been a good school and I thought it was a good school. In the past, my kids enjoyed going to DPS when they were in the pre-k through Kindergarten. The teachers in the pre-school like Ms. Towns and Ms. Banks make their school look really good. Also, the kindergarten teacher Ms. Holden is a wonderful educator. Once, my daughter enter second grade that’s when I started to realize that school is a dysfunctional mess. As my daughter went to 4th grade through 6th grade, I definitely realized what was going on at Desoto private school. One of the main problems at the school is its individually own and all of the owner’s family members work at the school. The leadership isn’t very good and the executive board is a joke. Mr. Larson the headmaster is having confrontations in front of the students with teachers (Heather Larson- daughter-n- law) and staff. The teachers are very unprofessional, rude and bias against their over 95 percent African American students. The morning staff in the office (Tammy, Kelly and Ms. Ashford) was very messy in front of the children. Mr. Larson deals with bulling, if he is force to deal with bulling. Mr. Larson, his family members, and executive board likes bulling people. Upon brings their deficiencies to the executive board, they tried bullying me or else confirmed to their way of doing things. Mr. Larson ways of doing things is outdated and unorganized.