Tina Hillier

United Kingdom

Review about UGOAGOGO
I purchased my Fitbit via WOWcher. My husband inadvertently through the box away without checking what was in it. I emailed Ugoagogo and they immediately sent me an email with the instructions on an attachment I then realised I had lost the charger and again I emailed them to ask if I could purchase a new charger. They emailed within minutes to say they would send one free of charge. This arrived less than a week later. I can’t thank them enough. I am also pleased with the Fitbit itself. The O2 and Heart rate match my finger pulse oximetry readings. I do t know how they do it but it is fairly a irate. I’m not so convinced with the blood pressure reading. I like the fact it tells me I’m seiersyed from my phone as I’m always forgetting to pick it up. I also like the vibration on ringing as I never miss a call even if my phones on silent. Would definitely recommend.