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1st Apr 2019
Michelle has been extremely helpful explaining my new device and providing the help I needed. Nothing was too much trouble, she is polite and helpful. As asset to your company
22nd Feb 2019
My strap broke within 24hours on my fitbit. It was a present so I didn't have my voucher code. Paul was so helpful, he explained how to remove the remaining strap, which was really difficult to do. He happily offered to replace said strap in the colour of my choice. All emails were replied to promptly. I am very happy.
18th Jan 2019
I strongly recommend the Fitbit 14in1. I purchased two for my children and they love them. My children are 9 and 7 years old and they are now in competition with themselves to hit the 10,000 steps first. The Fitbit is easy to use, charge and downloading the app to their phones was easy. I'm thinking about one for myself. Fantastic service and rapid response from the customer service team. Highly recommended.
18th Jan 2019
I strongly recommend the Fitbit 14in1. I purchased two for my children and they love them. My children are 9 and 7 years old and they are now in competition with themselves to hit the 10,000 steps first. The Fitbit is easy to use, charge and downloading the app to their photos was easy. I'm thinking about one for myself. Fantastic service and rapid response from the customer service team. Highly recommended.
9th Jan 2019
Had troubles with my order, let them know and they went above and beyond to help me sort my issue, lovely customer service
8th Jan 2019
Purchased watch thru wowcher, needed to exchange and had the best experience, what a great company if only all companies worked the same xx thank you xx
3rd Jan 2019
I ordered a fitness tracker through a Wowcher deal, ugoagogo fulfilled the order, the item was meant to initially arrive on 07/12/18 and then 10/12/18. When it didn't and it was purchased for a birthday present I contacted Wowcher because I had made the payment to ugoagogo through wowcher to chase up my order. I had no reply off ugoagogo even though Wowcher had copied me into an email asking ugoagogo to chase up. I had to escalate to PayPal and today 03/01/19 1 have received an email off ugoagogo claiming the item has been delivered on time he 10/12/18.? I have not received anything, all I can say is it's a good job I had spent £23.99 and not a great deal more, I blame myself for not doing my homework before ordering from this lot
18th Dec 2018
My Christmas order was not delivered. The good folks at Ugoagogo have sent the item out first class to ensure my son is not disappointed on Christmas Day. It’s great to deal with an understanding company that cares about its customers. Thank you so much
18th Dec 2018
I ordered a Christmas present from Wowcher which was supplied by UGOAGOGO - unfortunately I made an error when choosing the house number on the postcode checker so was somewhat cross when it didn’t turn up when expected. After contacting Michelle she was really quick to find out what had happened and was able to show me delivery has happened a few days earlier at a house a few doors down from me. The parcel was indeed there and I was able to collect it in plenty of time for Christmas. Very friendly company and great at helping work out any issues :)
18th Dec 2018
I had issues pairing the smart watch with my phone at first but customer support responded promptly and pointed me in the right direction. The watch is great and now I can’t live without it!
18th Dec 2018
Ordered online and arrived a lot quicker than expected. Great deal and great service. Thanks!
18th Dec 2018
I recently bought a fitness tracker for my son to go with his Christmas presents. The tracker arrived promptly but I was struggling to connect it . When I contacted them I spoke with a very helpful lady called Michelle who talked me through the set up . Would definitely buy from here again 😊
18th Dec 2018
I recently purchased a fitness tracker from Ugoagogo. The fitness tracker is great and I use it all the time. The tracker arrived very fast and customer service could not have done any more to help when choosing the right tracker for me Would definitely recommend their products
18th Dec 2018
I bought a fitness tracker and couldn’t connect it properly, so I contacted customer service and Michelle promptly replied back. Great service.
18th Dec 2018
I bought a fitness tracker which I had a query with and a lovely lady called Michelle helped me out, would definitely recommend this company and if you have any queries ask for Michelle!
18th Dec 2018
FAST DEAL TECHNOLOGY LIMITED operate as well as They don't send out any order confirmation so it's impossible to know how and when to expect the delivery, and if it doesn't arrive you're left in the dark weeks later with them making excuses as to why they don't have any tracking information or proof of delivery. Avoid at all costs!
8th Dec 2018
I ordered an item from a different company and had a problem with redeeming the voucher/obtaining a refund.Although Ugoagogo did not supply me the item, their customer relations tried to sort out the problem quickly and efficiently. Thank you Ugoagogo for your help.
3rd Dec 2018
I recently contacted Ugoagogo regarding an order that I hadn’t received. Michelle contacted me back (Sunday night) reassuringly, in a very courteous manner and was so helpful. Really couldn’t ask for better customer service, thankyou so much Michelle, pleased to say my parcel arrived the next day
3rd Dec 2018
First time ordering from here sadly one of my items was broken but once I spoke to someone the issue was resolved very quickly and professionally should have my new fit bit tomorrow so fingers crossed very helpful people and very fast response coming up to Christmas hope you all have a lovely Christmas
30th Nov 2018
Excellent customer service who replied same day and sorted problem which was due to me using the wrong charger . Watch now working perfectly.
29th Nov 2018
Fantastic customer service, I wish everyone I dealt with was as good ! Well done Michelle
13th Nov 2018
Emailed late at night after a long day at work and Michelle had resolved my issue by first thing the next morning. Went above and beyond. Very happy customer indeed.
12th Nov 2018
Quick response to difficulty connecting fitness tracker to device. Advice received was useful and went some way with lots of ‘trials and errors’ to sorting problem. Polite and courteous and responded outwith office hours which exceeded my expectations.
12th Nov 2018
I was a bit confused as to how to charge and connect my device. Michelle was amazing. She answered my emails really quick even though it’s late evening ! She was very helpful. She is an asset to your team and I hope you recognise this. Thanks for your help Michelle x
9th Nov 2018
Dealt with Michelle today, what a pleasure, response was extremely quick and nothing was a problem, highly recommend!!!
29th Oct 2018
Ordered my product to be delivered at the wrong time. Although it could not be stopped- felt supported in my numerous emails and if product had not been delivered due to closure, had utter faith that this would be addressed and a resolution found
15th Oct 2018
Fitness tracker fell out of rubber armband it was sold with. First time thought it was possibly just not in right, second time it definitely was and unfortunately it was lost. No responsibility taken and told we hadn't put it in right, then when said it had happened before was told it was our fault as should have Xinysctex them then! Not very polite customer service and product had been worn for a free days only - complete waste of money for a disappointing birthday present
Reply from UGOAGOGO
Hi Joan You have openly admitted to losing the item, then have proceeded to leave a negative review when we wouldn't give you a replacement. we're at a loss as to how we can be held responsible for this???
12th Oct 2018
You can’t contact them by phone, only by email and you’re very lucky if you do get a response. Sold me a faulty fitness tracker, sent it back over 2 weeks ago but heard nothing from them at all. Stay away from them, if you don’t want to end up seeking legal advise like me
4th Oct 2018
Contacted Ugoagogo today about my order, they were fast efficient and their help was really appreciated. Thank you really happy.
20th Sep 2018
Hi guys I bought the 27 IN 1 HR12 FITNESS TRACKER WITH BLOOD OXYGEN, PRESSURE & HEART RATE MONITORING watch 2months ago but I'm just starting to wear it for the pedometer , I've tried syncing with my phone via Bluetooth it connects but that's as far as it goes ... could you possibly send me instructions I don't know what I'm doing wrong I would love to get it up and running as an every day watch but can't because the time & date are incorrect too.. thanks in advance .
13th Sep 2018
I order a smartwatch from this company on Wednesday and it arrived Friday. Was really happy with the service. I had some troubles understanding the instructions but they help via email and everything was great. the watch was brilliant and does everything I needed and loads of other functions. Would recommend them and have to my friends.
12th Sep 2018
I purchased in total four fitness trackers from these people but two of them were not suitable, they did not fit properly ,so I endeavoured to send them back after protracted e mails I sent them back by Royal Mail with all the required info . I heard nothing for an extended period, so I contacted them again and they claimed they had never received the items. they then asked for proof of posting, which I sent them They then basically washed their hands of there responsibility I guess when you look at their website they set you up for never received scenario by saying that they are not in any way responsible in any respect for returns and the responsibility lies solely with the customer even thought I sent them proof of posting
30th Aug 2018
I ordered 3 watches but gave my postcode incorrectly They called me and resolved the error. Saved me a headache.
24th Aug 2018
Customer service received from Ugogo is excellent.
18th Aug 2018
I placed an order which was due for delivery on or before 10th Aug - contacted customer service and was asked to check with nieighbours or locations, it could be left in, even though they said it could fit through the letterbox. Done all that and waited to see if it arrived on the Monday and cintacted them again. They emailed back saying an investigation ticket is raised with royal mail and a crime reference number, they aim to get back to you within 72hours been 5 days and still not heard a peep! I was really looking forward to getting this watch, a present for my nephew his birthdays next week so what do i do now? You can't email them again or apparently you go to the back of the queue and this would delay things more. No contact telephone number on their website.
13th Aug 2018
Bought a faulty fitness tracker from them and they've refused to accept the return of the item and are instead harassing me with passive aggressive lies and asking me the same questions over and over again. They don't even have the decency to sign their emails Please avoid this unprofessional company.
Reply from UGOAGOGO
Emma, this is a complete LIE. We have sent the returns info twice, previous to that we have asked you 3 questions, of which the last you never replied to so the ticket was pending your reply. Rather than answer the question, multiple new tickets were then opened by yourself, starting the process again. You then complained that the questions had already been asked, which yes they had.... In a completely different conversation in a completely different email trail. We have mixed team members answering emails, this enables us to handle queries quicker, Im confident that isn't an issue? Please return the item as requested twice on the 14th. Thank you.
25th Jul 2018
Although the actual goods were not as expected I was very impressed with the Customer Service which was prompt and helpful.
11th Jul 2018
Quick response to my email Great customer service from Michelle Thank you so much and I look forward to receiving my replacement stud in the post very soon 5* ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
11th Jul 2018
Bought fitbit 12+ on living social,was sent out wrong item, sent 17 emails trying to get an address to send item back, they wanted pictures sent over and over again order number etc lost everything on email i sent them, took took six weeks to get an address to send back, sent by recorded delivery so they had to sign for it, got told they had not recieved it and i had to send them proof from royal mail with their signature and the tracking number, they had signed. Said they would send me out he correct item, im still waiting, no refund, no fitbit, rip off scam, complaining to living social and wowcher where they are advertising, also every complaint on this review they object to and have taken down, to cover up what there doing, so go ahead take the complaint down, like you have done with all the rest and left only the good reviews up, the lucky peoole that recieved something for their money!!!!
10th Jul 2018
I ordered a watch 14-1 for my husband. It arrived on time, in good order as promised. Had a problem, turned out to be my fault but after a quick e mail and an even quicker reply from Michelle problem was solved and she even e mailed me, by return, an instruction book which was very helpful. Top Notch would recommend to anyone.
27th Jun 2018
Hi, I received a Waterproof fit band on Monday. I was unable to get it to pair with my iPhone so I contacted Ugoagogo support. The auto msg from them said they would contact me within 72 hours which I wasn’t too pleased about, I wanted help now! But within 3 hours I had an email with instructions. After a few more mails I got my fit band paired and working, which I think is great service.
19th Jun 2018
Been since Thursday and Still waiting on my fitness tracker. All I was told it was usually delivered by Royal Mail and If it could fit through my letter box I wouldn’t need to wait in. Not the best customer service reply but will give it until the end of the week and hopefully it shows up.
Reply from UGOAGOGO
HI, if your item hasnt arrived within the allocated delivery period, please contact us - [email protected] Thank you
30th May 2018
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22nd May 2018
I ordered a fitness tracker, unfortunately it never arrived, I had to get in touch with the support team and they responded almost immediately, they were helpful and courteous in their e-mails and the matter was resolved very quickly, I can't praise their efficiency enough
17th Apr 2018
I bought a fit bit off this company. I’ve had prompt, courteous replies to my emails when I’ve had questions about the initial set up with my smart phone. It’s not an Apple Watch but it’s reliable, looks good and helps me keep track of my movement.
17th Apr 2018
Had issues because my phone was not compatible. Phil in technical support was extremely helpful. Thanks
4th Apr 2018
After using my monitor for a few weeks, an issue occurred where the display was not fully visible. I contacted the service team and they replied with an email giving me instructions which worked immediately. Excellent service
25th Mar 2018
I have had the best customer experience ever. They listened and acted fast to my query. Can’t thank them enough. Brilliant.
13th Mar 2018
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Reply from UGOAGOGO
Hi, as you have stated, we have offered to exchange the items, the packaging is not an issue, the offer of an exchange still stands if the goods are faulty. Thank you.
7th Mar 2018
I purchased my Fitbit via WOWcher. My husband inadvertently through the box away without checking what was in it. I emailed Ugoagogo and they immediately sent me an email with the instructions on an attachment I then realised I had lost the charger and again I emailed them to ask if I could purchase a new charger. They emailed within minutes to say they would send one free of charge. This arrived less than a week later. I can’t thank them enough. I am also pleased with the Fitbit itself. The O2 and Heart rate match my finger pulse oximetry readings. I do t know how they do it but it is fairly a irate. I’m not so convinced with the blood pressure reading. I like the fact it tells me I’m seiersyed from my phone as I’m always forgetting to pick it up. I also like the vibration on ringing as I never miss a call even if my phones on silent. Would definitely recommend.
5th Mar 2018
very bad customer service , dont keep customer informed , like to take the money , but when do you get the product
Reply from UGOAGOGO
Hi, please contact us on [email protected] thank you.
22nd Feb 2018
I brought a fitness watch from them..14-1 fitness watch. Connects to my phone via blue tooth. If I leave my phone in another room it constantly rings to say the watch has been a disconnected! So frustrating, 10+ times a day. Who carries their phone everywhere they go, weirdos! Also the battery life is terrible. Doesn’t even last 12 hours!! Just switched off, without alerting me.
Reply from UGOAGOGO
Hi. this is the anti loss reminder that is in the settings of the app, this is a function that alert people if the phone is out of the area meaning the signal may drop, its also useful in case of theft. this can be turned off with a few taps. if you're struggling to do this, please contact us - [email protected] thank you.
16th Feb 2018
I had a problem charging my new fitness band and had to contact the customer service dept by email, they were excellent and the knowledge and advice worked and now very happy with the device so all is well. Very good job thank you. Fit ness band is also great.
Reply from UGOAGOGO
thank you Patricia
15th Feb 2018
Do not trust this company, cheap rubbish goods that do not work and only fit for the bin. After on going contact with them find them very rude, they can not even write a proper polite email when contacted. After 5 months of trying to get a refund still no joy, save your money go somewhere else.
Reply from UGOAGOGO
Deborah, we have no emails from you before the 1-2-18, when we have asked for a copy of the emails, we have then been accused of being rude and selling faulty goods. We have offered multiple times to replace the goods under warranty but each time you have rejected this offering. The goods have been in your possession for 6 months. We clearly state our policies here: thank you.
1st Feb 2018
Really happy with my fit watch. Got a little confused at first but after receiving a helpful email from the company all's good now. It's already got me motivated to reaching step goals! Can see it being a great help. Thanks Ugoagogo
Reply from UGOAGOGO
thank you
29th Jan 2018
Reply from UGOAGOGO
thank you.
22nd Jan 2018
TW64 Day Band had a power switch problem-Advice was clear and prompt.
Reply from UGOAGOGO
thank you.
16th Jan 2018
Absolutely fabulous customer service. Very quick response. Would definately recommend.
Reply from UGOAGOGO
thank you.
12th Jan 2018
Actually don't feel that this company even deserves a rating as I placed an order back before Christmas which i paid extra for the postage to guarantee delivery. My item never arrived on time, after emailing their customer service department I was advised that my item was lost in transit and the item which i had ordered originally they didn't stock any more. Placed another order with their customer service manager, was guaranteed delivery again with 3-5 days. No item has arrived again. The communication via email is a terrible service as it takes too long for queries to be looked at. I wouldn't recommend this business to any of my family and friends.
Reply from UGOAGOGO
Hi, Apologies for the issue, if you could email us with your order details, I will look into this for you.
4th Jan 2018
An excellent product, bought as a stocking filler! A smart watch. Excellent service.
Reply from UGOAGOGO
thank you.
4th Jan 2018
Purchased an item by way of voucher from LivingSocial and Ugoagogo on 28th December with promised delivery by 5th December 2017. It is now Jan 4th 2018 and item has still not arrived. I am being ignored by both LivingSocial and Ugoagogo other than auto response emails and initially being notified that - False claims may lead to prosecution and a promised investigation within 2 days. That was Dec 8th I cannot offer a review on the product but their (both) after sales support is excellent at ignoring customers. They should re-brand as Nogoagogo.
28th Dec 2017
I bought a fit watch and i couldnt get it to sync with the app. I emailed with intent to return and they reaponded the same day. They sent me a link to download another app asking if i would mind trying this first. It worked first time. I would definitely recommend this seller and i would buy from them again.
12th Dec 2017
Ordered a smart watch for my daughter but had not arrived. When I emailed customer services the matter was professionally delt with another watch was sent straight away fab service will definitely buy from them again.
29th Nov 2017
Ordered some toothbrush heads but the wrong ones arrived, got an immediate response and replacement arrived within 24 hours. Highly recommended
29th Nov 2017
Ordered some toothbrush heads but the wrong ones arrived, got an immediate response and replacement arrived within 24 hours. Highly recommended
29th Nov 2017
I recently ordered a speaker which I was really happy with, unfortunately i lost the chargjng cable meaning it was unusuable. I contacted ugoagogo to ask if there was any way they coyld help and tgey sent me a new cable free of charge! You can't ask for bettwr service than that!
28th Nov 2017
I had a delivery query ... came back to me so fast .. even out of hours! Thanks 😊
24th Nov 2017
I ordered 2 fitness trackers from ugoagogo. Unfortunately the chargers were missing I contacted them asking what to do. They were very apologetic and rectified the problem by immediately dispatching the missing chargers. Keeping me informed at all times. I would recommend doing business with them as customer service is first class.
Reply from UGOAGOGO
Hi. thank you for your review. :)
14th Nov 2017
Purchased an item through go groupie - never arrived , emailed them and was treated like I was making it up. Have asked for a refund or a replacement only to be told I’ve got to wait for them to resolve it with Royal Mail first. I’ve reminded them of the consumer act and let’s see what happens. Totally ***** customer service will never buy from them again.
13th Nov 2017
Contacted ugo a Gogo as I ordered x3 smart watches only recieved x2 they sorted out the issue quickly and with excellent customer service
Reply from UGOAGOGO
Hi. thank you for your review. :)
13th Nov 2017
Very happy with product, did have a few problems setting it up but customer service was outstanding, they were patient with me and talked me through everything I needed to know. Thankyou very much and i have a very happy son.
Reply from UGOAGOGO
Hi. thank you for your review. :)
9th Nov 2017
Purchased smart watches from this company through Living Social and unfortunately one was deemed lost in transit... so when I contacted the company via email they were quick and helpful and apologetic and organised a replacement to come out to me. I received this quite quickly too... many thanks again.
Reply from UGOAGOGO
Hi. thank you for your review. :)
22nd Oct 2017
Got a fitbit from them and it didnt work with my phone, thought I'd been scammed.. Duh me... I just didnt know how to get the right app... emailed them and they had me set up in 10 min...
Reply from UGOAGOGO
Hi. thank you for your review. :)
23rd Sep 2017
Bought a smart watch which I couldn't even start as the side port was jammed. Got patronising emails from the company which were of no help. In spite of deficient product - supposed to be 91% discount but looked the cheapest rubbish- they would not provide returns label and had to be chivied to give returns refund. Poor product and poor service. Would never buy anything from them again.
Reply from UGOAGOGO
Hi, I have looked at the email trail of your case. We sent you ONE email which advised how to charge the item. You then replied stating you couldn't open it and we then advised how to return the item. The reply was not at all patronising. **The item was received back and the port opened fine** Thank you.
25th Aug 2017
Bought a product which was advertised on Wowcher. When it arrived it was only suitable for Windows 8 and not Windows 7. Falsely advertised. Am still waiting for communication from the company and a replacement or a refund. I would recommend you stay away from this company.
Reply from UGOAGOGO
Hi, I have looked at your case notes and can see we advised via email how to install the software for windows 10, the reply we had was that you wanted to return the item. To date the item has never been received, once it is returned we will process the refund. Thank you
30th Jun 2017
Absolutely shambolic service sold misleading goods when I returned the goods asking for a refund it has taken well over 3 months to process which is still ongoing. Their customer service is practically non existent.
Reply from UGOAGOGO
Hi Mohammed, can you please supply your order details so I can look into this for you. Thank you.
24th Jun 2017
Absolutely disgusting customer service. Advert on Wowcher stated oral B toothbrush heads when they came they were in another language! No English anywhere on packet and didn't fit the product - when I contacted them they were rude and abrupt on you cannot return the product even though it was falsely advertised. Do not order ANY products from them
Reply from UGOAGOGO
Hi Parveen, I have looked into this case. After a lengthy email discussion it transpired that you did not check the compatibility of the goods in advance, whilst the details were clearly stated on the advert. The items were advertised as Oral B COMPATIBLE replacement heads, with thorough detailed info on which models fitted which. We did refuse the return of the goods because you had opened them. The items were sealed for hygiene reasons and by opening them you made the items nonreturnable. Had the items been left sealed, we would have happily refunded you. The reason the issue arose was because compatibility wasn't checked. Thank you.

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