Emma Robson

United Kingdom

Review about UGOAGOGO
Bought a faulty fitness tracker from them and they've refused to accept the return of the item and are instead harassing me with passive aggressive lies and asking me the same questions over and over again. They don't even have the decency to sign their emails Please avoid this unprofessional company.
Reply from UGOAGOGO
Emma, this is a complete LIE. We have sent the returns info twice, previous to that we have asked you 3 questions, of which the last you never replied to so the ticket was pending your reply. Rather than answer the question, multiple new tickets were then opened by yourself, starting the process again. You then complained that the questions had already been asked, which yes they had.... In a completely different conversation in a completely different email trail. We have mixed team members answering emails, this enables us to handle queries quicker, Im confident that isn't an issue? Please return the item as requested twice on the 14th. Thank you.